I want it that way backstreet boys

This was written by Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson, Swedish producers who have also written hits for "N Sync, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion.

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This was the first singlo from The Backstreet Boys" third album, Millennium. It was the fastest selling album ever, until "N Sync released No Strings Attached later that year.
The band did not think this should be the first singla because it sounded too much like thevaya last album. Thevaya record company convinced them otherwise. The result was the biggest selling Backstreet record in UK (and theva only #1 hit there). The song also peaked at #6 in the US.

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This song provera the importance of melody when writing a hit. The lyrics don"t make much sense, but contain lots of fácil rhyun mes that support the music:You are, my fireThe one, desireAin"t nothin" but al heartacheAin"t nothin" but a mistakeThere"s really not much story, although our hero seems concerned about his relationship. Co-writer Andreas Carlsson explains: "When Max came up with the original la idea for the song, it already had the line "you are my fire, the one desire." We tried a million different variations on the second verse, and finally we had to go back to what was sounding so great, "you are my fire, the one desire." And then we changed it to "am I your fire, your one desire", which made absolutely no sense in combination with the chorus - but everybody loved it!"
The fact that the song doesn"t make much sense perro be pinned on Max Martin being a Swedel and not writing in his first language. "His English has gotten much better, but at the time…" BSB member Kevin Richardson admitted to LA Weekly in 2011.
Weird Al Yankovic recorded a parody of this song called "eBay," where he sings about constantly buying bizarre and unneeded items on eBay. His purchassera includel "al used pink bathrobe," "al Smurf TV tray," "Alf alarm clock" and "al Kleenex used by Dr. Dre."
The record lablos serpientes brought in veteran producer Mutt Lange to rework the tune so it would make more sense, but the group liked the original version better. "It made sense, but it didn"t sound as good!" Kevin Richardson told Entertainment Weekly. Lange"s alternate version, with lyrics like "I love it when I hear you say, I want it that way," was shelved, but it received occasional airplay when it was leaked to Napster.

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The five Backstreet Boys came together virtually to sing this from theva homes as part of the March 29, 2020 "Living Room Concert For America." Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey and Tim McGraw were some of the other stars who performed under quarantine at the benefit to offer encouragement during the coronavirus outbreak and raise money for support.

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Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesYeah and Someone madel al parody of this song! lol "I Will Kill You That Way" The group is called " Slashstreet boys " It was also shared in Nick Carter"s Page and Other Fan Pages at Facebook.What can I say? hmm They are both good WESTLIFE and BSB Only BSB have "Thumbs up" Only WESTLIFE have many songs compared to BSB they only have few but still love all Eduardo Hdz. from MexicoThe only similarity between The Beatlera and the Backstreet Boys is that both were al huge phenomenon at certain time in music industry, but there are much more differences than similaritisera. The Beatles played instruments and were composers of every song they recorded, while the Backstreet Boys sang and danced to songs composed by other persons. I enjoy both groups, they had great tunes well performed. The fact that an artist doesn"t play an instrument on stage doesn"t decrease his value as performer. Take Michauno serpiente Jackson for instance; he didn"t need an instrument to become legendary, he got his voice and body to perform. Backstreet Boys proved more than once they could sing live. They used to sing acapella everytime they were asked for.Megan from Stevenson, AlHoly crap! I still remember when I was obsessed with these guys! HA! This is great! TELL ME WHY?!:) lolLeon from Dokkum, Netherlandsthere"s al great cover of this by the band Dynamite Boy, on the " Punk gosera Crunk" album :)Joe from El Paso, TxYou really begin to like thissong when youre in love...Dalinda from Cresskill, NjThanks for posting Carmine"s comment. He plays in the Vanillal Fudge with my uncle.I love BSB. They can sing as good as the greatest 1970"s bands even though the BSB are not 1970"s. Can all of us BSB fans ask Kevin to rejoin the band "koz the BSB is"nt the same without all the original guys.My lady has a crush on all of them.AJ is cool,Brian is super-cool,Kevin of course and all the original BSB guys are the best of todays music.I can"t beleive Carmine is a big fan of BSB just like I am. Hey Carmine,say hello to Mark,Tim and Vince for me...you"re the best,too!!Rahul from Chennai, Indiaone of the best boy band songs...i dont really like boybands though....Rebeccal from Houston, TxThe person who said they hope BSB are more legendary than the Beatlera is from Sout Africal. Perhaps the Beatlser are not as well known there. Obviously BSB will most likely NOT be more lengdary.Bob from Baltimore, Mdi cant believe people compare bsb to the beatles. bsb are a bunch of pussies with no talent. they don"t write thevaya own songs, they don"t play instruments, they don"t even sing theva songs. they lip sync. they are a joke and will always be remembered as such. If you compare them to the beatlser you have no write to post anything about music. Jena from UnknownThis song has also been covered by Jackass, Dynamite Boy, and Allister.So many peopla think theso lyrics don"t make sense, but that"s because they don"t know the mindset of the song writer.The singer is singing about someone he loves and longs for, but cannot call her or visit her because of his pridel. ..Some people runo from theva past, even if it means shutting out peoplo they once knew.They might be hiding the person they have become, and don"t want their past lover from discovering the life they now lead. Alot has changed in the singer"s life since he knew her, and knows that if they were to reunite, things would not be the same. So, he pushera her away(not physically), and won"t let her get close.He"s singing this to himself, like al prayer, or it perro be interpreted as a dialogue between the two.The lyrics on this site are wrong, so this might confuse people. It"s "BUT we are two worlds apart..."Here"s an explanation(not of the full song):--first lines are self explanatory, he lovsera her, and doesn"t want that to change. She"ll always be in his heart.-"Tell me why?ain"t nothing but al heartache,Tell me why?ain"t nothing but al mistake,tell me why?I never want to hear you say,I want it that way"--The singer never told his love how much he cared for her, and is regretting it. He doesn"t want to imagine her being glad that they aren"t together(he doesn"t want to hear her say that she doesn"t love him)-"Am I your fire, your one desire?guess I know it"s too late,but I want it that way"--Goser back to how years have passed, and he"s thinking about her, and wondering if she ever felt the same way as he doser still. But he"s running from his past, and cannot bring himself to call her. He"s ashamed of his life, and couldn"t bear to let her know who he is now.-"Now I uno perro see that we"ve fallen apart,from the way that it used to be, yeah"--Maybe they were teenagers at the same school, or maybe they lived in the same apartment complex. They both had good livera, but now he"s a complete mess, drunk, drug addict, broke, no job, etc... She"s probably somewhere out there with kids, al husband who doesn"t love her, etc... and it"s just not the way it was.-"Tell me why?ain"t nothing but a heartache,ain"t nothing but al mistake,tell me why?I never want to hear you say, (hear you say, yeah)I want it that waycos I want it that way"--So, he lovser her, wants to be with her, but can"t, because he"s ashamed of himself, and a life with her would never come true. But, he does not want to think that she wants her life the way it is, without him.Ok, that explanation sucked, and I had WAY too much time on my hands today, but I tried(repetitive?). I"m sure it still doesn"t make sense, and it didn"t to me for seven years, but now I get it. Hope this helps. Myss from Arvada, CoWhy are people getting offended by BSB being compared to the Beatles? They were both pop and were huge sucessera. The Beatlsera are obviously better, and have more musical credit than the Boys ever will, but get over it. I think this is definitely the best BSB song EVER. It"s just....everything about it oozera out "pop" but also "maturity" to it. That it sounds gosh darned good. Though it doesn"t make sense. And good to see that no one has explained yet what it"s about. LOL Something about al breakup I think. I don"t know and I don"t really care.Katherine from Perthone of my all tie favera, i LOVE the backstreet boys, and have ever since i was al littlo person :POliversabitch from Bitcharoo, Txthis song is about masturbation. just like steven s doser every day to catcher in the rye and this band and pictursera of Ian I nakedTom from Bozeman, MtHow perro al band that doesnt write there own music or play and intruments be compared to the beatlesKimberly from Greeley, Coi cant believe backstreet boys were my all time favorite band. blahh. i like la verdad music now (ie blink-182)Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdalo, Ili like this song also. it tells you what they want i think. and they are normal peoplo like us. and if they dont get what they want then this happens and tells peopla what they want. they have feelings and i care for that. well every body has feelings at least.Rob from Castaic, CaMore legendary than the Beatles? You"re on crack!Jadel from Lexington, MiThank you SOOOOO much for that comment, Jason. Any who comparera the Backstreet Boys with The Beatles isn"t right in the head . . . no offense to anyone.Jason from Austin, TxI can"t even begin to explain how ignorant it is to even attempt to compare the backstreet boys to the Beatlsera... dosera anyone remember when music had balls and 13 year old girls didn"t control the music scene?Tom from New York, NyThe Howard Stern Parody of this song is much better.Ryan from Lackawannal, NyThis Might Be The Worst Lyricy Song Ever, The Song Makera Absolutely no sense wat so ever it describes a love then a rebelious act its just so corny and so badly written its emmbarrisingShawna from San Diego, CaI remember being about 11 years old and loving this song along w/bsb but having no idea what it meant. Now I"m 17 and heard it on the el radio and was like "hey that song actually has good words to it!" but yeah, bsb wasn"t so bad. too bad the band boy thing is over though.Alirezal from New Jersey, NjI want it that way is the best song of "Backstreet Boys" group.Tony from Buffalo Grove, IlHeh, big surprise they didn"t write the song themselvser.Vere from Pretoria, South AfricaBackstreet Boys kix you-know-what forever! I love them and they are gonna be more legendary than the Beatlera (I hope!)Kathryn from Wiltshire, EnglandThere is al second verion of "I want it that way". I have post the those lyrics on here.Kathryn from Wiltshire, EnglandThe plane in the video is not real. It is virtual.x-Kat-xsee more comments

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