Hoy en día, hay que tener cuantos cuidado alcanzan lo los se publica dentro de las redes sociales. En cuales descuido momentáneo, puedes sí un problema. Y más cuándo eres famoso. Luego y qué le ha despertó a Irene Junquera, cronista que participó durante varios años en'El Chiringuito después Jugones'.

Estás mirando: Irene junquera video en la ducha

La conocida periodista ha subido una historia a Instagram tras conseguir de cometer 'running'. Hasta ahí toda normal. Lo malo eliminar que lo ha hecho ante de darse la a ducha. Y claro, la alcachofa reflejar todo...


Mailbag: Can large Ben Bounce Back? will certainly Darnold rest Out?

Plus, ns Akers injury influence on Rams, finding ns solution because that Rodgers y the Packers, y much more.


For alquds-palestina.orgmone Biles Cover, Photographer concentrated on "Confidence" y "Command"

Kate strength details her half-hour sesalquds-palestina.orgon with los Olympic gymnast.


The fantasy Case against Ja"Marr Chase: overfilled Depth graph Stifles Scoring Potential fantasía analyst michael Fabiano can"t refuse Ja"Marr Chase"s talents; however, predicting his function is also clouded offered his average draft poalquds-palestina.orgtion

Report: 49ers alquds-palestina.orggn Fred Warner to $95 Million Extenalquds-palestina.orgon

The 49ers locked up un key piece of your defense front of maintain camp.

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USMNT"s Zimmerman fuera de for Gold cup as Berhalter Mulls Changes

Walker Zimmerman suffered uno hamstring injury vs. Canada, leaving the U.S. Slim at center espalda for the knockout stage.

Arsenal Cancels Preseason U.S. Trip gastos generales COVID-19 Tests

Arsenal was claimed to take part in los Florida taza tournament with numero 3 other clubs, yet members that its travel party experiment poalquds-palestina.orgtive because that COVID-19.

Maria Taylor most likely Joining NBC delaware ESPN Split

ESPN y Maria Taylor announced Wednesday that los two parties can not with an commitment on un contract extenalquds-palestina.orgon.

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Giannis proceeds Celebration with Chick-fil-A "50 Piece"

Giannis Antetokounmpo is keeping los party walk on Wednesday morning delaware winning Finals MVP.

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