James blunt you’re beautiful

‘It’s illustrated as un romantic song but it’s actually a bit creepy. It’s about a guy – me – stalking who else’s girlfriend while high’


James Blunt, singer-songwriter

I’d been telling my mates that me gustaría was walking to be a professional musician since identificación was 14. When i was un captain in the hermano army in Kosovo, identificación had un guitar strapped to mine tank. After I left ns military, me gustaría did some demos for EMI and outside afterwards me gustaría lost my cómputo on mine motorbike and smashed the guitar that had survived ns war zone. Anyone was laughing. Needless come say, i didn’t get signed by EMI.

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One trabaja I to be on the underground in London y saw one ex-girlfriend con her new boyfriend. Our eyes met, yet we simply walked previous each other, and I went home y wrote the words to You’re Beautiful in two minutes. Me gustaría went to watch my songwriter friend Sacha Skarbek in los Angeles, and, with Amanda Ghost as ns co-writer, us finished ns song. It’s always been illustrated as romantic, yet it’s actually ns bit creepy. It’s around a guy (me) who high y stalking someone else’s girlfriend on ns subway. But everyone has those moments wherein you wonder: “What if I’d claimed something?”

I played it on ns 25th floor of un hotel at the sur by Southwest festividad in Texas. Linda Perry was there and said she wanted to sign me to her new label. Ns label inquiry me come remove the words “fucking high” representar You’re Beautiful. Identificación tried “particularly high”, “especially high”! Eventually identificación sang “flying high” on ns radio edit however wanted ns released version left together it was. Identificación told them: “I was fucking high!”

The song has uno false start. Identificación sing “my life is brilliant” twice, i beg your pardon is my small joke, but i think in my elated state, desde whatever concoction identificación might have taken at los time, life go seem yes, really brilliant. Los tube absolutely looked really colourful.

For los video identificación agreed to jump off ns cliff in Mallorca. By the time i got there, i realised I’d make a horrible mistake but it was too late to trasero out. They had divers in ns water in case identificación knocked myself unconscious. Identificación had come jump twice because los first take wasn’t right, y I ended up with uno split lip. The hurt, yet it made uno great video.

I had cuales idea ns song would be such ns big hit, y it fear me in ~ first. Me gustaría thought I’d simply be ns musician putting el fin music. Ns song became so ubiquitous that it began to irritate people, but I’m still proud the it and I love mine job. I sang it at Elton John and David Furnish’s cortés ceremony and I’m around to start my sixth mundo tour. Without You’re Beautiful, it’d be ns tour of phia băc London.

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Mobbed … jaime Blunt group surfs at los Invictus games opening awareness in London, 2014. Photograph: kris Jackson/Getty Images

Tom Rothrock, producer

I watched south by southwest on the internet y saw James. He sounded pretty interesting, however then me gustaría promptly forgot all around him. Ns few work later me gustaría heard that Linda Perry was searching for me to produce a new artist. She’d simply had un couple of big hits con Pink y Christina Aguilera. I figured the if she to be crazy sufficient to authorize a new artist representar SXSW me gustaría might it is in crazy enough to record him.

James’s demo tape to be all over the place, yet You’re Beautiful y Goodbye mine Lover to be on there. We had ns lunch meeting y I didn’t know what the looked like, but when he walked in con his manager i immediately felt ns connection y thought: “That’s gotta be him.” me gustaría visited that in his level in London y he played me los songs on the instruments he composed them on, come get the dodgy demos out of my mind. We did un lot of los recording in ~ my home studio, which was unusual regreso then, but the budget was modest.

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One day we were doing los strings with un quartet y something wasn’t right. Strings room expensive, so identificación called the arranger in to check out if we can work el fin why. The strings needed ns tweak yet it was ns first tiempo I’d to be able to step back y just listen and I just gained that chilled you acquire sometimes once you know ns song is distinct or is walk to attach very, very widely.

A couple of months later, she Beautiful had blown the heck up and he was doing two nights in ~ Shepherd’s bush Empire. We went to uno pub near ns venue y outside we got mobbed. Me gustaría said: “James, remember a few month ago, we were having ns beer and nobody knew that you were?” and he said: “Yeah, no it great?!”


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