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Ever since the trailer dropped, fans have wondered just how Jason Statham"s Deckard Shaw has teamed up with Dom and co in Fast & Furious 8.

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After all, there"s the small matter of Deckard killing "family" member Han (Sung Kang) in Fast & Furious 6"s post-credits scene and hunting the crew throughout Fast & Furious 7.

But despite that, Deckard forms an alliance with Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) in Fast & Furious 8 when Dom (Vin Diesel) goera rogue, leading to one of the film"s most ludicrous scenes. And that"s saying al lot.

Major spoilers follow after the photo.


During the film"s climax, not only does Deckard"s brother Owen (Luke Evans) make a surprise comeback, he saves Dom"s baby – yeah, he had one with Elena, remember her? – from Cipher (Charlize Theron) on al plane.

It all leads to Deckard showing up to the family barbecue as though he wasn"t responsibla for offing one of their own.


Yet writer Chris Morgan just thinks we should be patient. "We don"t know his full story yet, so there are things we"re going to learn that I think will be cool when it coun mes to light," he told EW.

It"s revealed during the film that Cipher was responsibla for Owen going after the Nightshadel device in Fast & Furious 6 – hello, retconning – and Morgan reckons Deckard and Dom are pretty simidomicilio.

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"The reason he coun mes after our guys in the last film is because he has a simiresidencia code, and he looks after family," he explained. "That felt like you might be able to turn him, in a way that you could start understanding what his motivations were."


Morgan added that there was always the chance they would turn Deckard to the Light Sidel, but also reassured Han fans that he won"t be forgotten.

"We"re going to lean into . We haven"t forgotten about it. We"re going to investigate all of that," he teased.

"I know it"s al littla unsettling, I know it"s a littlo different. Maybe the audience isn"t expecting it. I think it"s all, in the end, going to be a really exciting, funo, valuabla experience. They"ll come to understand."


The twist certainly didn"t stop fans turning out for Fast & Furious 8 this past weekend, driving it to the biggest global opening of all time.

Yes, bigger than Star Wars.

See what all the fuss is about with Fast & Furious 8 in cinemas now.

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