Javier Maroto La Que Se Avecina

‘La que se avecina’ is about to shed Javier Maroto, among its many veteran characters. After the transfer of its eleventh season, Antonio Pagudo, the actor in charge of embodying this computadora scientist in trouble, will certainly stop appearing in Telecinco’s star comedy. Ns reason? This was los explanation that Alberto Caballero, creator of los series, gave us: “At the end of each season ns actors typically tell us if lock are proceeding or not, however he warned united state later y it was much more painful since we had currently written chapters of season doce “.

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The de verdad reason is the Pagudo will star ‘Benidorm’, the new comedy by Antenna 3.

The series has just started its recordings y we have been able to view the emitir with un look that has actually nothing come do with Javier Maroto desde ‘LQSA’. In ‘Benidorm’, the interpreter he gets into ns shoes of a Basque notary y it looks prefer this:

Antonio Pagudo y María Almudéver, protagonists the ‘Benidorm’ / Atresmedia

The actors currently characterized for the serie / Atresmedia

What ‘Benidorm’, the nuevo A3 series?

Xabier Zurita is un Basque notary that looks like ns Basque notary. His life is together checkered together his shirts. Single, the doesn’t seem to ask an ext of life than los little pleasures the his routines. However everything transforms when he receives an unforeseen news: un tumor the grows in his cabeza will kill him in much less than numero 3 months. Overwhelmed by los news, Xabi is unable to re-publishing it with his friends y makes los first unpredictable decision the his life: pack his suitcase and head to Benidorm. Los place wherein his pleasure was fuller than ever. The place wherein he met, on his graduation trip, his first y only love: María Miranda.

As shortly as he arrived in the city, he worked out in los Hotel Benidorm with ns mission of looking for that girl the had último seen because that years. Saddened through his terrible illness y by not finding Maria, Xabi drowns his sorrows in alcohol in ns hotel bar, whereby he tells all his misfortunes come Tony, un stranger that was pass by and who is stunned by Xabi’s confession: has saved numero 3 million euros.

Neither short nor lazy, Tony operation to check out his girlfriend, Candy, uno girl that works in a strip club hope there will be an chance to quit. Tony brings it come him on ns tray, if they have the right to convince the Basque the she is María Miranda, lock will get an inheritance the will allow them to ultimately live ns life they deserve.

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Will Xabi loss into Tony’s trap? will certainly he fin up returning to los Basque Country? and Xabi’s friends, will certainly they leave him come his fate in the most extendido beach city in Spain?

More info around ‘Benidorm’

The city of Benidorm will be ns epicenter that his filming, which will certainly take place completely in verdadero locations.

The actors Antonio Pagudo y María Almudéver will certainly be the protagonists of ‘Benidorm’, which will be broadcast in prime hora on Antena tres and will also be easily accessible on ATRESplayer PREMIUM, Atresmedia’s payment platform.

The fiction, developed in cooperation with avión a Plano, will encompass Antonio Resines, Gorka Aguinagalde, polo Derqui, Andoni Agirregomezkorta, pilar Bergés, Lilian Caro, Ton Vieira, Kiko Gutierrez and Inma Ochoa, among others.

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‘Benidorm’ is created by César Benítez, Fernando Sancristóbal and Jon ese la Cuesta. Sonia Martinez, César Benítez, Emilio Amaré and Fernando Sancristóbal are ns executive producer of this nuevo Antena 3 series. Jacobo Martos y Miguel dadeip infantil will be the directors, while Jon del la Cuesta will lead the script team.