Nicholas andar Varenberg, son of activity movie star Jean-Claude andar Damme, was sentenced Wednesday in Maricopa county to dieciocho months that probation for disorderly conduct after he pleaded guilty on Sept. 15. 

Van Varenberg, 22, to be accused of sociedad anónima his roommate in ~ knifepoint in their Tempe apartment, near Veterans Way and College Avenue, in the early morning of Sept. 12, 2017.

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The incident happened at college House, an apartment complicated just off ns Tempe campus.

When ir Varenberg was arrested, police were concerned he can be a flight risk. Van Varenberg consistently told police his father was renowned and he had ns financial way to artículo bond and leaving the state or country.

According to court documents, the was checked out on ns surveillance video cámara at University house apartments punching ns wall of an elevator.

Tempe police to be called and followed a trail that blood the led them desde the elevator to the apartment. After questioning ir Varenberg, policemans left.


Police returned after a complain of banging y yelling coming desde the men"s apartment. But cuales one answered the door.

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Van Varenberg is accused the pulling uno large knife desde the kitchen y angling it toward his roommate was standing about 4 feet away, court records allege.

Van Varenberg inquiry his roommate store quiet and get into his room, follow to the records.

The roommate eventually convinced van Varenberg that he would certainly not speak to los police, y Van Varenberg allow him el fin of his room. 

Van Varenberg ultimately came fuera de of the apartment on his own as police to be attempting to secure a search warrant, records said.

Police searched the apartment and found drug paraphernalia related to marijuana use, follow to los court documents.

Van Varenberg was arrested on skepticism of aggravated assault, unlawful imprisonment and drug possession, follow to court records.

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Van Damme was born Jean-Claude Camille François van Varenberg, according come his biography detailed on numerous websites, which additionally list Nicholas as among his tres children.

Reporter Gabriella ese Rio added to this article. 


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