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the Naughty Dog team knows that they"ve ceded their most-divisive game so far with The last of Us: part II. They admitted as much in a recent episode of "The main "The último of Us" Podcast." Perhaps the biggest talk point, nestled dentro de in uno conversation about technical achievements and deeply personal character moments, is los way that ns sequel"s inciting occurrence came together, uno moment that would certainly launch ns events the the game itself y ignite los controversy surrounding it in the de verdad world.

In the episode in question, authors Neil Druckmann y Halley Gross talk about their story-breaking y plussing process, while los discussion continues around breakable glass, transforms to ns original circumstances neighboring Joel"s death, and much more desde game director Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman, co-lead animator Almudena Soria y character ide artist Alexandria Neonakis. Be certain to hear in for their lleno spoilery discussion, or check out along listed below for some highlights.


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throughout the por último days of production on ns original The last of Us, also when Druckmann y the team to be still scripting fuera the "Left Behind" DLC, castle were currently thinking about the siguiente story in ns sequence. Y that"s whereby Joel"s fate to be sealed:


Neil Druckmann: In mine mind, Joel"s arc to be pretty much done -- i didn"t understand where rather to take that character -- but Ellie there was ... It felt at the very least at los time it was going to be ideal for every these various other stories.

los decision to emphasis on Ellie was just half the battle, however:

Neil Druckmann: At ns same time, me gustaría started reasoning of stories for the next game. Ns lot of castle were an extremely plot-driven, like, "What"s un cool situation to put Ellie in? Oh, what if she heard someone else is immune y she"s walk to go on this journey to uncover this other human that"s immune ... The felt interesting representar a plot standpoint: amazing twists y turns, you have the right to do all los fan service, Joel"s walk to follow her y now they"re walking to be teamed increase together, y the lie is going come come into play because of what she"s after," however it felt prefer it was missing los thing that me gustaría think prospered in los first game, which was ns emotional heart, this very simple, gama concept of love. Deserve to we make you feel the unconditional love uno parent feeling for your child? Without that ... It might be an exciting story but the won"t record that emotionally resonance that los first game had.I left the for a while y came espalda to that with the concept of hate, that this very universal feeling that all civilization experience i m sorry is simply deep dislike where, in her mind, you"re ready to commit dreadful acts of violence against another humano being ... How much would my mind go debajo this bottom spiral, y is over there coming regreso from that?


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ns discussion in this podcast episode doesn"t embarrassy away desde the violence in los game, calling the universally understood; it"s essentially un shorthand for those that haven"t learned an ext mature methods of communicating. There"s a particularmente focus on los "badass women" of The last of Us: part II, together Gross puts it.

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so while hate may have driven the creative team as un guiding feeling throughout ns storytelling y violence was los fuel that kept it going, Druckmann"s ultimate concern -- Is there any kind of coming regreso from that? -- is much much more important to the game"s resolution. As i talked about in mine write-up gastos generales the title"s controversy and why identificación think it"s game of ns Year-worthy, los differences between Abby and Ellie room slim. Character principle artist Alexandria Neonakis shares that sentiment, saying:


"I think they"d it is in friends. I think, in a different world, they would really favor each various other or maybe be un bit competitive with each other. Identificación could view them liking each other if the situation was different. Lock both have very ir a buscar values."


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the closing conversation asks, after all that violence and murder of people who had actually hopes and dreams and friends y families, after all that death rationalized by los struggle come survive, to be it precious it? Co-lead animator Almudena Soria said:

"You"re life this journey con these characters, and that"s what you"re walking through. There has to be conflict at part point. Yet we give los stealth tools to have the ability to avoid and make your own decisions. If girlfriend don"t desire to carry out it, probably you don"t have actually to. You deserve to really, really uncover ways roughly those daunting moments."

have actually you discovered your means around ns difficult moment in (or surrounding) The final of Us: part II? Be certain to let us know!

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