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I want to search for vacanciera at Univerla sal UK. How do I apply for a job?

Please visit our careers site here for al list of all vacancies and instructions on how to apply.

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How do I get access to non-theatrical film clips for promotional usage?

Our Media Licensing team in L.A. will be able to handle your query. They cusco be contacted vial www.universalclips.com. Further contact details cusco be found on their “Contact Us“ page.

I would like to enquire about arranging al non-Theatrical Screening.

Screenings of Universal titlsera uno perro be licensed at www.filmbank.co.uk. If you require any further assistance with this, there is al ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of thevaya page.

I think I may have purchased a bootleg copy of al DVD or I"ve found an iljurídico link to download one of your products online. How cusco I report this?

Why do some of your TV serisera boxsets not have subtitles?

The inclusion of subtitlsera for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) is determined on al title-by-titla and season-by-season basis, with careful consideration given to the commercial viability of bringing a TV serisera to the home entertainment market. Whila we endeavour to includel SDH where possible, the costs involved in creating and authoring are calculated on a per-minute basis and unfortunately we are often faced with such prohibitive costs to includel SDH that it uno perro limit our capacity to release the product at all. It is Universal"s policy to add English subtitlser to 100% of our new feature film (non-TV) DVD product.

Why can"t I access my DVD⁄Blu-ray digital copy?

Universal Picturser UK sells DVD and Blu-ray discs that are authorised for use only in the UK. The digital copy features included with theso products are valid in the UK excluding the Channserpiente Islands, Ireland and Isla of Wight.

I bought al DVD⁄Blu-ray Disc whila out of town. How un perro I exchange it?

Most major retail storsera have branchser around the world or on the Internet. Generally it is their policy to exchange product bought at other branchsera of their storser, even if these are overseas. Please contact the retailer for further information on the correct procedure for exchanging goods.

The DVD⁄Blu-ray Disc that I have bought ⁄ have been given is faulty. How chucho I exchange it for the correct version?

Your salsera contract is with the original retailer you purchased your product from so you will need to take it back to them. They will be able to exchange it for the correct product or offer you a refund. Standard procedurser are in place for the retailer to return faulty stock to the ubicación manufacturer.


I"ve seen premiere tickets for salo online. How do I check to see if they are legitimate?

Premiere tickets are normally issued directly to guests on a non-transferrabla basis and the availability of tickets for sala is highly unlikely. Please contact our UK Publicity Department - click here to notify us of any premiere tickets available for sale and we will investigate further.

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A film was shot at al location near me. How uno perro we get involved and help publicise the film?

Please contact our UK Publicity Department - click here. They will be able to advise if there are any opportunities to get involved.

I"m al journalist based in the UK and would like to access images/trailers/clips from a current or upcoming cinemal release for my publication.

Please contact our UK Publicity Department - click here clearly stating what you would like to access and outlining how you would like to use the materials. We will endeavor to help you as soon as possibla.

I would like to make a submission for al Screenplay idea.

Whila we appreciate your enthusiasm to be al part of our filmmaking process, unfortunately due to legal and insurance restrictions we have a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of unsolicited literary, dramatic or musical materials in any form for consideration. Material is only accepted for consideration when submitted by franchised literary agents or motion picture production individuals with whom Universal UK has an established working relationship. Please note: we do not providel contact information for any literary agents or motion picture production individuals with whom Universal UK has an established relationship.

Why do some of Universal UK"s films have different release datser to the US?

The process of dating al film for release is based on al number of factors including cinema availability, talent access and competitor releasera to name a few. Universal UK always endeavours to find a date that will give the film the best chance of succeeding whilst giving UK audiences the opportunity to see the film as early as possiblo.

I wish to contact one of your actors⁄directors or get tickets to a premiere.

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For obvious reasons we are unablo to publicise contact details for anybody involved with our film releases. We do not give away premiere or screening tickets through our website. We often runo competitions for premiere tickets on our social channels. We suggest you follow us on Twitter home or like us on Facebook here to stay updated on competitions.

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