Karol g, anuel aa - culpables

Karol G y Anuel AA released their nuevo song "Culpables" beforehand Thursday delaware it leaked online, and fans to be thrilled come hear ns steamy duet. Los song is about uno romance that starts also though each person currently has uno partner. The curious thing is the their partners room also unfaithful, and as the lyric says: "Each treason is paid with a new betrayal."

To learn an ext about the collaboration, alquds-palestina.org spoke exclusively con both artists, who thorough how ns song emerged y addressed your relationship and the coqueteo behind #labebesita.

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Why Is Anuel AA calling Karol G "Bebesita," space They in Love or Not?

Artists Mentioned

Anuel AA

Karol G

The evolution of "Culpables":

Karol G: It"s a story that began a largo time ago. As soon as “Ahora Me Llama” to be out, i was trying to find someone come do los remix. Amongst those people me gustaría was spring at to be Anuel, who was in jail. We tried, however it was impossible to record it since of his situation. As soon as he gets el fin of jail, he searched for me because he wanted to do ns remix of "Pineapple," but identificación told the it was too late. "Mi Cama" was currently out, y I said, “How around we work on a new song?” i was on tour in Europe, and he was an extremely excited come make uno song with me and started sending me songs. Me gustaría told him the it was not my style, that i talked about everything however that me gustaría take care of my words, y he walk into ns studio y made ns song totally for me.

Anuel AA: My manager had called me about Karol G. At the time, i was in prison, y when she wanted to record los remix that "Ahora Me Llama," i couldn’t because identificación was not allowed to in jail. When identificación heard "Pineapple," it ended up being my favourite song, but she currently had "Mi Cama." Then me gustaría worked ~ above the nuevo song and did the in one straight shot y sent it to her. I wanted to speak to it "Infieles," but Karol G came fuera de with the idea of ??calling that "Culpables."

Karol G: ns most impressive thing around this job is that many civilization tell me: Why work with Anuel? Obviously, me gustaría respect the expression of various artists. Identificación do not juez or criticize ns style of anyone. Identificación represent y defend my style. What identificación love about "Culpables" is the it"s uno completely clean song. We perform not speak ill of women or men. Ns song is clean. The does no have bad words.

Whether the Was challenging for Anuel come Make uno Clean Song:

Karol G: He to be respectful. I respect his style. Identificación told him I’d take ns risk of recording with him. The told me, “Don’t worry. I"m not going to damage your image.” i was really expectant, but identificación was surprised when me gustaría heard that for the first time.

Anuel AA: She believed that los song to be going come have bad words. Identificación understand Karol’s image y I can’t mix her image con mine, professionally.

The post Behind the musical Video:

Karol G: What i like about ns video is that it preserves the message of los song. The director managed un very clean picture of both that us.

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Anuel AA: the video i love. Me gustaría love that ns video shows an additional image of me, that was no to be los bad guy.

Their Relationship:

Karol G: We ended up being friends and we are an extremely close. He is a human being totally different representar the personality he is. The has uno huge heart, y I great everyone can know that as me gustaría know him.

Anuel AA: #LaBebesita. Karol knows me, to know who identificación am in de verdad life. Everyone has un different picture of who identificación am, and she wants entusiastas to watch that lado of me, and she is an exceptional woman.

Exclusive: A new Romantic tune on the Way:

Karol G: Anuel make a nuevo song because that me to work on, but it will certainly be con both the us. Ns song is even an ext impressive than "Culpables," because it is uno love song, a deep song that he completely wrote.

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Anuel AA: i wanted this tune to be simply for her. And she told me that she wants to document it con me. At the same time, she request why i don’t carry out those kinds of songs so my fans know that lado of me. And I really do not view myself being favor that. I"m walking to document it just since she inquiry me to. The is very different since it is an acoustic song.


Karol G: that is very respectful. We built un very quite friendship, much more there, and one day, el fin of nowhere, he referred to as me “la bebesita,” y from the moment, i became “la bebesita.”