Karol g, maluma - créeme

Karol GandMaluma’s “Créeme” rockets to the top of the Latin Airplay graph on los ranking dated March 2 as ns song vaults 9-1 in that is 15thweek.

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“Créeme,” which is Karol and Maluma’s very first collaboration, crowns the list thanks to a lofty cincuenta y nueve percent rise in audience impressions (to 14.54 million) accumulated in los week ending Feb. 24. If Karol G earns her thirdNo. 1, Maluma clocks his12th.

“I’m mindful that ns industry is saturado of talent and great songs, so this day I’m happy that among so many songs mine, together Maluma, is No. 1,” Karol G tellsalquds-palestina.org.“I never ever cease to be amazed; these are ns things that proceed to to fill me with motivation to get rid of anything.”

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Michael Stuart

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Karol G & Maluma are Fighting for your Love in "Creeme" Lyric Translation

“Créeme” reinforces that multi-format demand as the solamente reaches nuevo peaks ~ above both, los Latin pop Songs and Latin rhythm Airplay charts, arriving at No. Uno on both lists. On ns former, los song takes ns Greatest Gainer honors, while on ns latter, theMost increased Audience trophy.

Two new top 10s arrive on ns Tropical Songsairplaychart:Puerto Rican salsa singer and emitir Michael Stuart notches his eighth top diez on the Tropical songs airplay chart as “Me Enamoré” ascends 11-6 con 1.35 million in audience impressions (up sesenta y nueve percent).

It’s Stuart’s best ranking in over dieciocho years: “Mayor ese Yo” ended up being his 6th top diez when it peaked at No. 4 on April 2006.

For clues below, Marc Anthony’s “Tu Vida en La Mia” debuts in ~ No. 10 following his live power premiere of ns song in ~ Univision’s premiaba Lo Nuestro on Feb. 21

The track opens con 1.2 million in audience. It’s Anthony’s 2nd top 10 of the year, complying with “Adicto,” his collaboration con Prince Royce as it continues to be at the penthouse for uno sixth continuous week.

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Pedro and Farruko Rise with ‘Calma’:Over on ns Latin pop Songsairplaychart, Pedro Capo’s “Calma” con Farruko ascends 14-10 in that is 19th week con a 14 percent in spins at los format. It’s ns longest rise to ns top tier due to the fact that Prince Royce’s “El Clavo,” special Maluma jumped 12-10 top top chart date Aug. 4, 2018-also in that 19thframe

The tune is Capo’s greatest charting title due to the fact that Dec. 2011, when “Un Minuto,” his an initial chart entry as a solamente act, scored un No. 10 high.

The relocate grants Capo his third top 10. Farruko, meanwhile, collects his ninth.

T3r Elemento & Gerardo Ortiz Move:Lastly, T3er Elemento scoresitssecond top 10 on the regional MexicanSongs airplaychart con “Aerolinea Carrillo,” special Gerardo Ortiz.

Thecorridowas created by Jesus Enrique torres Nieblas, much better known together Kike Torres, who additionally composed “Rafa Caro,” T3r Elemento’s an initial chart entrance in Nov. 2017.

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The track lifts 14-10 con 4.5 million in audience impressions (up 36 percent). With the lift, Ortiz ups his career countof top 10s to17.