Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm

Pop star turned humano emoji Katy Perry has actually just released her nuevo video, Chained come the ritmo - and its post is tough to ignore.

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Set in uno futuristic design template park, it finds the estrella seduced by ns delights y distractions of contemporary life. Then slowly, favor Katharine Ross in ns Stepford Wives, she begins to realise miscellaneous is terribly not correct with ns (American) dream.

Adhering come Katy's nuevo mantra that "purposeful pop", it's political without being polemic. Here are part of the key moments from the video, which girlfriend can watch in saturado on YouTube.


The futuristic theme park (actually 6 Flags magia Mountain in Valencia, California) is uno metaphor for ns infinite distractions of modern-day society —apoyándose but in instance that was as well subtle, it has actually been renamed "Oblivia".

The guests space dressed in vibrant 1950s clothes, an ser of an excellent optimism because that America. Together they enter ns park, they're all taking selfies, eating large sticks of liquid floss (in los shape that mushroom clouds?) and crowding ring an advert because that "the best ride in ns universe".

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The song's text depict uno world the repetition y ignorance, where tecnología renders united state oblivious come people's de verdad problems.

"Are us crazy? / life our stays through un lens / Trapped in our white picket fence / Like ornaments / so comfortable, we're life in ns bubble, bubble / therefore comfortable, we cannot see ns trouble, trouble".

At first, Katy is awestruck, simply like ns other guests. However when she pricks her finger on ns rose, there's a hint of problem in paradise.


Kudos come Katy, that manages come lip-sync her single perfectly if experiencing uno G-force the 4.9 on un roller coaster.

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Fact fans: ns ride she's on is full Throttle, which features ns world's second largest vertical loop.

(We previously thought it was The nuevo Revolution, uno coaster that featured in the eventualmente scenes the cult comedy país Lampoon's Vacation, so many thanks to ns readers that spotted ns mistake.)