The team the Stock, Aitken & Waterman come up with this once Peter Waterman was informing Mike inventario that Kylie had stopped going el fin with her neighbors co-star Jason Donovan. Instead she was seeing INXS lead singer michael Hutchence. He then commented exactly how it was better los devil you understand as they feared their stays were walking to be hell as ns consequence.

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In an interview with ns UK magazine Songwriting, Waterman explained los benefit that a picar deadline. "The finest songs we ever wrote were written literally when somebody said, "We"ve just had a call desde Kylie, she"s top top her method in y trying to avoid los paparazzi, for this reason you"ve got ns two-hour wait." and we thought, "s--t, we haven"t also got a song yet!" yet somebody said, "Better ns devil you know" and we all went, "That"s the song." Bang! In one hour los song to be written and in tres hours it to be recorded. It was just ns great title y it tells you what the story is."

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Norma desde Leeds, unido KingdomIs ns devil you know far better than los one you don"t? This worries me because joven people could be attracted into adversary worship, eating chickens" heads, play cards and all sorts. Un scary tune with a hideous and frightening message.Sarah representar Stockton top top Tees, --I know ns whole jugar behind ns Kylie-splitting-up-with-Jason story! they were takin uno big risk! It renders me wonder how Jason felt, delaware bein reunited wit Kylie, 4 her itv show!Eric from Lakeland, FlThere is an really interesting analysis of Kylie Minogue"s "Better the Devil friend Know" in a lecture by Nick cave (of the Bad Seeds) exit under ns name of The secreto Life of the Love Song. Ns lecture is fascinating for many other reasons as well.Eric Fullgrafsee much more comments
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