Kylie Minogue On A Night Like This

identificación Want girlfriend BackThe Jackson 5

Michael Jackson to be only once years and 5 months viejo when los Jackson 5"s "I want You Back" became los group"s very first #1 . Los late rey of pop is ns youngest coporación, grupo member ever before to top ns Hot 100.

light On You stunner DiamondPink Floyd

Pink Floyd"s "Shine ~ above You stunner Diamond" is around their starting member Syd Barrett, who came to be an mountain casualty. Notice los S-Y-D in the title.

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RhiannonFleetwood vena

"Rhiannon" is uno Welch goddess. Stevie Nicks wrote the song, y it was a huge affect on her image, inspiring her flow shawls and black outfits she started wearing top top stage.

CenterfieldJohn Fogerty

"Centerfield" was los first song enshrined in the Major league Baseball room of Fame.

revolve On los RadioReba McEntire

When "Turn On los Radio" topped the January 1, 2011 country chart, Reba McEntire became los first female acabó act to have uno #1 hit in 4 straight decades.

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rose MarieSlim Whitman

Country estrella Slim Whitman"s variation of los 1920s track "Rose Marie" spent 11 consecutive weeks in ~ #1 in los UK in 1955, un record until 1991 when Bryan Adams’ "(Everything i Do) i Do It because that You" spent dieciséis weeks at ns top.

Millie JacksonSongwriter Interviews

Outrageously gifted y just plain outrageous, Millie is one R&B y Rap innovator.

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Richie wise (Kiss producer, Dust)Songwriter Interviews

Richie talks around producing the first dos Kiss albums, record "Brother Louie," and the newfound evaluation of his piedra band, Dust.

Church LyricsMusic Quiz

Here is los church, below is ns steeple -papposo see if you can identify these lyrics that referral church.

Tanita TikaramSongwriter Interviews

When she exit her an initial album in 1988, Tanita became a UK to sing sensation at period 19. She talks about her darkly sensual voice y quirky songwriting style.

Gavin Rossdale that BushSongwriter Interviews

On ns "schizoid element" of his lyrics, and a famed line desde "Everything Zen."

Mike Love of the Beach BoysSongwriter Interviews

The lead singer/lyricist of los Beach guys talks about coming up with ns words because that "Good Vibrations," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Kokomo" and other standard songs.