How did un Spanish group representar Madrid control to come to be an pure success in Mexico in the 2000s, selling numerous records in Spain and USA, with un piracy price of 85%? the answer, everyday lyrics, and a prodigious voice.

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The album was released just in Mexico in 2001.

| Watchful that Natalia’s voice, ns difference with los song “El Sol alguno Regresa(The sun Doesn’t Come Back)”, is unbelievable. In this album it’s youthful, sweet, y high-pitched.

| They started to have some an effect when the song “¿Donde Iran? (Where will they go?)”, was favored for one extremely generalizado Mexican soap ópera at the time, called, Calle cuatrocientos seis (406 Street).

| We’ve selected los song ‘Coma (Comma)‘. Because that us, the record’s finest tune. Links to buy ns song below:

La jueves Estacion second ALBUM | Flores de alquiler (Rental Flowers)

The album was released in Mexico y United condiciones in dos mil cuatro (not in Spain yet).

If me gustaría hadn’t told you the it is the same singer, would you have known? The 3 years the took them come get ns record ready y Natalia’s voice, are the reason for your success. Los singer’s voice says goodbye to ns youthful treble and starts maturing while her beautiful Mexican interval brews.

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| The record consists of some the their ideal tunes like La jueves Estacion, Algo Mas. Exact same as the video we carried for you, ‘Daria (I would Give)’ (if you choose it, you’ve got ns links come buy the below). Yet, the song the we’ve selected together our is El Sol alguna Regresa (The sun Doesn’t Come Back).

Did friend know...?

The group is called ‘La jueves Estacion (The 5th Station)’, due to the fact that it was los distance, in mezzeritsch stops, from some members of los initial group houses, to the band’s rehearsal place.

Despite being desde Madrid (Spain), ns reason why the band saw Mexico come record y release their an initial album, is that they to be hired by los Mexican branch that SONY BMG musical label.

Even though los official name of los band is written con letter: “La quinto Estacion”, you’ll find it in many different methods like:

La 5ª EstacionLa 5ta EstacionLa 5a EstacionLa 5 Estacion

The start of un unique voice | La jueves Estacion El Sol alguno Regresa | how did La cinco Estacion achieve international success in the piracy era?

The grupo lasted from 2000 to 2010 (we phone call you around the fin in the 2nd part), los main piracy period. In Mexico there to be an median of 85% the fake discs in the market. However, Mexico y the United estados are a tremendous industry for live concerts. La jueves Estacion walk not prevent playing in their early years.

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They had ns great connection con people, due to their nearby lyrics, composed by Natalia Jimenez, their exceptional vocalist, point of view Reyero (guitar) y Pablo Dominguez (guitar and bass).

Natalia, La quinta Estacion lead singer called us around her life as an artist:



Hace días perdí En alguna cantina La mitad de mi espíritu Mas ns quince ese propina

No eliminar que sea ns alcohol La consta medicina todavía ayuda a olvidar Cuando no ves la salida

Hoy té intento contar Que todos va está bien Aunque cuales te lo creas sin embargo a estas altura Un último esfuerzo cuales valga la pena

Hoy los cosas buenas recuerdos Se caen por los escaleras Y tras múltiples tequilas ns nubes se van todavía el sol alguno regresa

Sueños de cuartos Frente a un hotel ese carretera Y unas bajadas de lluvia ese guardo en esta maleta

Ruedan por ns colchón ese mi cama ya desierta denominada la formación de hielo solución Para el dolor de cabeza

Hoy coche intento contar Que todo el mundo va bien Aunque alguno te lo creas a pesar de que a estas altura Un después esfuerzo cuales valga la pena

Hoy los los buenos recuerdos Se caen por los escaleras Y tras varios tequilas ns nubes se van pero el sol alguno regresa

Hoy te intento conde Que toda va está bien Aunque no te lo creas du a estas aviso Un el último esfuerzo cuales valga la pena

Hoy los cosas buenas recuerdos Se caen por las escaleras Y tras varios tequilas las nubes se van pero el sol cuales regresa

Y tras mucho tequilas las nubes se van aun el sol cuales regresa

Y tras mayoria tequilas los nubes se van pero el sol cuales regresa

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