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"...a important magical work of art..." Gamespot -papposo 10/10

"... The most impressive juego Nintendo has ever before created."

Gamespot - 10/10

" will never want to put down."

USA Today

no The juego Awards winner dos mil diecisiete - game of the Year, finest Action/Adventure Game, finest Direction. "...a truly magical work of art..." -papposo from Gamespot review. Rated 10 out the 10. "... The most impressive game Nintendo has ever before created." rápido from Gamespot review. Rated diez out the 10. " will never ever want to put down." - from estados unidos Today review. The Legend of™: Breath of the Wild juego received a rating that ten fuera de of ten representar Destructoid, game Informer, y Nintendo Life. The Legend of™: Breath of ns Wild game received un rating that five el fin of five desde Attack of the Fameboy y US Gamer. No

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find how to jugar in VR con Nintendo Labo

Technical directivo Takuhiro Dohta defines this nuevo perspective ~ above Hyrule

los Champions" Ballad DLC Pack 2 is here

Find fuera details around the new DLC fill for the Legend of Breath of los Wild

ns closer look at at los Champions amiibo

Defend Hyrule with the new amiibo figures getting here November 10

Have uno Legendary black Friday

The Legend that Breath of ns Wild Explorer"s Edition come for the holidays

the Master Trials have actually arrived!

DLC directivo Kentaro Tominaga breaks debajo the an initial DLC load of the Expansion Pass

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