Below we list the completamente soundtrack, desde season uno all los way come season 4.

La casa de Papel/Money Heist entusiastas know that along con scarlet la red jumpsuits, ayudar a las personas Dalí masks, y city names for aliases, Netflix"s Spanish jugar would no be complete without its dos signature songs.

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First there"s the theme song, "My Life Is walking On" through Cecilia Krull, y our favourite robbers" rallying cry, the italian folk track "Bella Ciao." yet aside desde these two staples, La patria de Papel"s overall soundtrack cannot be overlooked. With un blend of italiano classics, beloved Spanish tunes, and american rock, the música is simply as high energy and soulful as the serie that goes with it. And season 4 is alguno different.

We"ve uncovered all of the songs that have been featured on each episode of ns show, beginning all ns way con season 1. However expert tip? Netflix has likewise curated a Spotify playlist here.

Season 4


Episode 1, Game Over

"Ti amo" by Umberto Tozzi

Episode 2, Berlin"s Wedding

"Days prefer This" by van Morrison

"Centro Di Gravità Permanente" by sincero Battiato

Episode 3, Anatomy Lesson

"All You need to Know" through Howe Gelb

Episode 4, Pasadoble

"Amado Mio" by Pink Martini

"Suspiros del España (Pasadoble)" by de verdad Orquesta Sinfónica del Sevilla

Episode 5, 5 minute Earlier

"Fuego" by bomba Estéreo

"La Palloza" through La Fanfarria después Capitán

Episode 6, TKO

"Pescador del Hombres" by Cesáreo Gabaráin

"Delicate" through Damien Rice

Episode 7, Strike the Tent

"Cuando Suba La Marea" by Amaral

"Wake Up" by Arcade Fire

Episode 8, The paris Plan

"Stoned Soul" by zenit Dempsey, Steve Sechi

Season 3

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Tamara Arranz Ramos

Episode 1, We’re Back

"My Life Is walking On" through Cecilla Krull

"La unidas y los Libro" by La Fanfarria ese Capitán

"Time Bomb Zone" by los Prodigy

"El Preso" by Fruka Y su Tesos

"Pretty Kinda Dirty" by an excellent People

"Haunted House" by ns Madcaps

Episode 2, Aikido

"Flore Duet" through Leo Delibes, richard Kapp

"Harlem Shuffle (Alternate Take)" by the Foundations

"Who have the right to It it is in Now?" by males At Work

"You’ll Never andar Alone" by Gerry and The Pacemakers

Episode 3, cuarenta y ocho Meters Underground

"Feeling Good" by miguel Bublé

"Another clear Day" by Belle y Sebastian

"Guajira Guantanamera" by empresa Segunda

"Feeling Good" by Muse

Episode 4, Boom, Boom, Ciao

"Lonely Boy" by los Black Keys

Episode 5, The la red Boxes

"Rocks" through Primal Scream

"Upswing" by Antony Ranere

"Gnossienne No.1" by Erik Satie

"Be mine Baby" by ns Rosettes

Episode 6, Everything appeared Insignificant

"My Life Is walking On" by Cecilla Krull

"Broken Coastline" by debajo Like Silver

"María Mi Amor" by paul Abraira

"Electro metales Trailer (feat. Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil)" Sound because that Production

"María, Mi Vida, Mi Amor" through Paco Tous & Jaime Lorente

Episode 7, A fast Vacation

"Di doo dah" by jane Birkin

"La poupée" by ella Très bien Ensemble

"I desire You" by Australian Blonde

Episode 8, Astray

"La Deriva" through Vetusta Morla

"Bella Ciao" through Manu Pilas

"My Life Is going On" by Cecilia Krull

Season 2


Episode 1

"My Life Is going On" – Cecilia Krull

"Easy Rider" by J. CRIST

Episode 2

"Bamboo Moon (feat. The Let’s Go’s)" by los Mutants

"The Recapitulation" by Brian Flores, hombre Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott

Episode 3

"American Beauty" by tabla de cortar Newman

"Walk Away" by Jess Delgado

"Fado Boemio Vadio" by Piedade Fernandes

"The Recapitulation" through Brian Flores, hombre Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott

Episode 4

"BOOM" through Ofi La Melodia

Episode 5

"Fado Boêmio y también Vadio" by Filhos da Tradição

Episode 6

"Any other Name" by tabla de cortar Newman

Episode 8

"The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin

"Your Love" by Kosinus

Episode 9

"Corfu" through Eric Gemsu

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