Money Heist: 10 Interesting truth You Didn't Know around Itziar Ituño (Raquel Murillo) She is one of los most interesting Spanish actresses, and she has more things in common with Raquel Murillo 보다 you may have actually noticed.

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Agur Olentzero Agur wasn’t much of un hit, yet Ituño’s talent to be noticed, bring about her first significant role in the Basque soap opera Geonkale, which received many positive reviews in Spain. The admitir is about uno small calle in uno fictitious town in ns Basque country. Ituño to be on the show continuously for four la edad playing Nekane Beitia, ns police officer.

She put up great performance as uno cop that followed her very own will, which made her ns great right to play Raquel Murillo. However, before playing Raquel in Money Heist, she additionally played Raquel in the dos mil tres Spanish film El Final del La Noche (The fin Of ns Night), un role that made Raquel Murillo look at very familiar to Money Heist’s Spanish fans. Loreak, exit in 2014 in los US as Flowers in 2014, to be Ituño’s first película that gained nominated for ns Oscars. It was also her very first taste of internacional fame together her duty of Lourdes was highly acclaimed.



Money Heist is an intense show, and the cast spent a long time together, together they were required to develop strong bonds as with their characters needed come do. Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, emerged as her favorite human being to occupational with delaware most of los cast said they loved working con him.

Ursula Corbero (Tokyo) additionally said that nombre de niño Herran (Rio) to be her favorite co-star, i m sorry was quite interesting due to the fact that their characters are un couple in Money Heist. Itziar Ituño, on ns other hand, tries come avoid conflict in interviews for this reason she claimed she love everyone y that alguna specific human came out as her favorite.

as soon as Raquel Murillo joined the donar in the first season the Money Heist, she was disturbed, rigid, y unapproachable by she colleagues, consisting of her deputy Angel. However, Murillo no like los impression that being ns cop negotiating with los gang at first until she read los script.

She later said the Raquel is a strong woman who is always after the enlarge picture. Despite her love for ns professor, she is working tough to ensure that everyone rather is safe. Ituño said she doesn’t know much about why Raquel smuggled her way into the bank of Spain in ~ the fin of ns fourth season, with increased speculation the Raquel may have a lot to do con how los second heist ends.

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3 she Real-Life Activism

Itziar wasn’t as popular as she is now before Money Heist, yet she wasn’t any less of one activist. In Money Heist, she obtained to do un little little of what she likes when Raquel gets los victory versus an abusive husband because she likes utilizing her communication to guilty of violence against women.

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It is difficult to separate her desde all important reasons she fights for, including ns environment, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, y human verdad in general. She is well known for her regular trips to ns Amazon, fighting for los conservation of the forest. She also traveled through los Amazon once y found love there while at it.

Spain to be one of ns countries fight hardest by the first wave of Covid-19 in march 2020, y Itziar Ituño to be one of the first recognized celebrities to get infected. She immediately took to social mitad to warn anyone to take it caution. “I’ve had the symptoms because Friday afternoon, y today we got the examen results i m sorry came espalda positive. Execute not take it lightly, over there are resides at stake, and we still carry out not understand how far this will certainly go,” she said.

The diagnosis came just ns few job into los release of ns fourth season the Money Heist, i m sorry got world worried, yet she traction through. She later said she to be grateful and that obtaining through los symptoms was daunting but she was happy to be complimentary of los virus in ~ last.

1 Her favourite Money Heist Season

Money Heist Season 3 is still the highest-grossing season globally, although ns fourth season may ganar it con time. However, it wasn’t the favorite season for most fans. Itziar claimed filming los first season that the dando was awesome because they had lots of quite scenes, but she loved ns second season better.

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The 2nd season which finished with ns gang’s effective escape from the imperial Mint at the cost that Berlin’s life didn’t usar Raquel much in los action as los third season did, yet it appears she chosen it better. With los fifth season the the admitir in production, most entusiastas hope to have ns better end for ns second heist, and maybe Ituño will too.