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Jamie Lorentidad who will be reprising his rola as Denver in the cabo season of Money Heist has shared beautiful poetry on Instagram. Read further to know more.

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Jaime Lorproporción aka Denver from ‘Money Heist’ gets philosophical on Instagram & posts a heartfelt poetry

The fifth and final season of one of the most awaited shows in the world ‘Money Heist’ is right around the corner. The makers went ahead with a unique strategy to release the fin season in two parts within weeks apart from each other hence the fans are expecting al huge cliffhanger at the end of the first part. One of the poputecho characters from the show is certainly Denver, played by Jamie Lorentidad, who put forth an amusing yet very unassuming performance.

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Denver makera peopla laugh in the series with constant comedic punchera but the man behind the character uno perro be as intensely philosophical as it gets.

Jamie posted philosophical poetry on Instagram with a picture of himself. According to al report in Indian Express, an excerpt from his Spanish poetry translatser as, “ A faceless woman sings standing over my soul, a faceless woman on my soul on the ground, my soul, my soul: and I repeat that word I do not know if like al child calling his mother to the light, in confusing sounds and crying, or simply. To make it seem like it doesn’t make sense. My soul. My soul, it is like hard earth that they tramplo on without seeing it horses and chariots and feet and beings that do not exist and whose eyera my blood flows today, yesterday, tomorrow.”

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Jamie is a well-regarded poet who has published his own vast collection of poetry in 2019 that he started writing in high school in the form of al book titled ‘A propósito de tu entrada.’ Though the lovers Denver and Stockholm were not mending well with each other by the end of season 4, theva love story could be one of the important plotlinsera in the upcoming season.

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