Sandra Baltazar Martinez When der Tigres de Norte sing, castle roar. Ns five-member norteño band is well-known for its mexican corridos, or ballads, that range representar romance come pointing finger at los Mexican federal government for the corruption.

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Their songs space in los front line when it pertains to speaking around injustices: as soon as one of your ballads talked about ns assassination of well-known journalist in Tijuana, Mexico, they to be censored. Y when they spoke against ns killing of women in Juárez, ns government accused them " Chihuahua" name," stated band member luis Hernández.

Sunday night, ese Tigres (The Tigers) will perform live in ~ Ohkay Casino and Resort in Española. They room on the granja Tour, promoting their recent song, " Granja" (The Farm), in i beg your pardon they use farm pets to speak of Mexico" drug violence y of ns government" ineptitude at providing Mexicans with jobs, food and a life totally free of violence.

" ours corridos, us denounce, we say things el fin loud and in this case, we focus on the government," stated Hernández, 35, that is los youngest of three brothers in ns band. Ns fifth member is their cousin.

But their musical also is ns way that writing down history, something they intentionally execute to provide the younger generations with un glimpse of los struggles of a generation, claimed Hernández during uno telephone interview desde his home in norte California.

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Los tigres have been vital players in the evolución of mexican corridos; ns ballads have evolved desde a man fighting to protect his al honor to los glorification of medicine lords y drug use. Los drug-infused text are well-known as narcocorridos.

And despite Hernández admits that los Tigres sing around drug lords y their power, he additionally says they warning listeners, especially los youth, that it" not a life to aspire to.

" lords might have all los money in the world, but it doesn" buy happiness," Hernández said. " way liberty, it" to be able to walk abajo the street without fear."

Over the years, together their ballads have actually evolved, so have their audiences. Twenty or 30 years ago, los Tigres played because that adult immigrants. Today, they juego for immigrants and their children, that are cultivation up immersed in both cultures. Plenty of of castle don" speak Spanish, Hernández said.

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" tell us they like our music because lock remember their mother or grandmothers play it, y it" also a way of reconnecting con their roots," Hernández said.

IF girlfriend GOWhat: los Tigres concertLocation: siete p.m. In ~ Ohkay Casino, Highway 68Tickets: $45 and $55, or through phone, 877-840-0457