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The bonus disc finds Gaga being covered by Kylie Minogue, los Highwomen, la edad & Years and Ben Platt, amongst others.

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Few albums climate or because have qualified as seismic cultural events quite the way lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” walk in 2011, once it come in uno blaze of hype and anticipation not lot seen since the heyday of nombre de niño Jackson y Madonna. Ns electro-pop opus sold much more than uno million duplicates in its very first week of relax and, possibly even more impressively, brought un collection that songs about otherness, sex identity y individuality come Top 40 radio. Fittingly, the 12-time Grammy winner is celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Born This Way” having been born that way by selecting Pride Month to release uno reissue showcasing LGBTQ artists y allies.

After declare the pop throne con “The Fame” and “The fame Monster,” Gaga would have been forgiven for play it for sure on her próximo album. Instead, mother Monster pushed los boundaries the mainstream pop to breaking point. With metal, opera and mariachi flourishes, “Born This Way” ranks together one of ns most daring música pop albums of los 2010s — both sonically y thematically. It’s the kind that untamed outpouring of sounds and ideas that usually comes at the beginning of los career, not once you’re at ns very top. The gamble well y truly paid off. “Born This Way” was ns massive commercial success and still holds up as singular vision ns decade later. It’s a testament to Gaga’s unwavering allyship the she now posesión over los keys to los “Born This Way” kingdom come an eclectic coporación, grupo of largely LGBTQ artists, who either treat los songs con reverence or agreeably blow them up.

“Born This Way: los Tenth Anniversary” boasts new artwork along with its bonus key of amiable sheathe versions. Bounce legend large Freedia gets los party started with uno bone-rattling, hip-hop/techno makeover of “Judas.” It’s loud, joyous y completely over the top, which provides it ns perfect addition to un collection that is every those things. Out país crooner Orville Peck takes un very different strategy on his interpretation of los title track. Los masked singer, that teamed up with Shania dos on 2020’s “Legends never Die,” strips ns chart-topping anthem trasero to basics — reimagining the as uno sparse ballad.

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“Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)” is similarly reborn in the mano of the Highwomen — the país music supergroup comprised of Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris y Amanda Shires, joined for this chance by two breakout guests, Brittney Spencer y Madeline Edwards. Together, they transform the banger into a rollicking dive-bar anthem. Broadway luminary Ben Platt is also in los mix with a soaring rendition the “You and I.” ns booming ballad, which constantly felt un little fuera of location in los electro-soundscape that “Born This Way,” isn’t together an odd song out, on a bonus disc that thrives on its eclecticism; it’s a natural to showcase ns “Dear Evan Hansen” star’s an effective pipes y knack because that tugging in ~ heartstrings.

While other contributors stretch and pull songs into ns lane of your choosing, uno couple of acts stay faithful to Gaga’s euphoric dance-pop. Años & año (now a solo project because that UK singer/songwriter Olly Alexander) take away “The sheet of Glory” directly to the dance floor with an to explode of Hi-NRG beats and ‘80s synths. If ns original was uno nod come Bruce Springsteen, this is uno loving tribute come Erasure. Kylie Minogue works ir a buscar magic ~ above “Marry the Night.” originally released as the fifth single representar “Born This Way,” this ode come nocturnal antics has long been championed as uno slept-on gem. Minogue’s glittery, disco-tinged version certainly drives that señalar home, ranking as a recordable mirror-ball moment in its very own right.

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As enjoyable together the distinta cuts are, “The Tenth Anniversary” bonus disc sounds a little scattershot. The absence of nuevo versions that album cuts likewise feels like uno missed opportunity. Los thought the “Bad youngsters 2.0” or an off-the-rails update of “Government Hooker” is important tantalizing. Where ns reissue really succeeds is in reminding united state that good pop música challenges the status quo and shines a light on more comprehensive issues. “’Born This Way,’ mine song and album, were influenced by cuchillo Bean, a homosexual black spiritual activist who preached, sung and wrote around being ‘born this way,” Gaga revealed on Instagram. Gastos generales the food of 14 wildly exuberant (and sometimes demented) songs, the Oscar winner mutual Bean’s message of fierce pride with un whole nuevo generation.

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