Las chicas del cable alba y carlos


In my país subscription sites such as Netflix are not that ancha due to the fact the you can find y download almost anything because that free from the Internet. Los reason i tuned in to the website was that i couldn’t find Cable Girls anywhere else called in English. Which for me at ns time was good enough factor to pay 7,99 euro per month for Netflix. Two years in y with los first part of los Cable Girls eventualmente season out, me gustaría am questioning that decision.

I cannot necessarily say that charlie was my favourite character from the start of ns show. But he sneakily prospered on me until identificación was convinced that the was the right fit for Lidia. Yes, over there love for sure was no perfect, nor was Carlos, however it quiet seemed an ext realistic 보다 her childhood infatuation with Francisco. Us watched Carlos and Lidia’s partnership grow and develop for numero 3 seasons, it had layers and depth which to be missing from the Francisco plot line.

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The admitir returning to ns banal y non-realistic idea that first love is the only yes, really one and that soulmate script they pulled con Francisco in season 4, was, to be moral painful come watch. Identificación was baffled how Lidia managed to loss in love con him again while he to be in ns coma for almost the whole season. And to peak that, the idea that delaware waking increase Francisco remembered only her was simply absurd. Not to mention that she had actually been v so much con Carlos. Their actual relationship was build not just on “what ifs” and trips down memory lane.

I feel prefer the donar is trying to return to los Mexican telenovelas where ns heroine have to always end up with the most predictable, non surprising character and diverted desde the much much more complicated opinión that relationships need to be developed. In telenovelas, however, everything is black y white. There is always a hero, there have to be uno villain together well. So the show’s writers completely tried to damage Carlos’s character.

But isn’t los fact he to be actually not perfect, like Francisco, the thing that made that much an ext relatable? Yes, that made large mistakes, yet that has only do me want even an ext for him y Lidia come find un way to occupational things out and for him to redeem himself.

It is true that he hid los truth desde Lidia. However didn’t she do los same los entire an initial season? allows give blanco credit – he forgave she that. And, yes, he put their daughter in danger, but me gustaría doubt that he was reasoning anything negative would befall the child. Every one of that was not good enough explanation because that Lidia just to pack up she stuff y go away with Francisco. Truth be told it was un selfish decision extended up as protecting she daughter.

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i did no enjoy the season 4 final at all, however was kind of positive that the writers will give charlie a chance to have un relationship con his boy or a new love attention at ns least. Ns consolation prize y a happy ending of sorts.

Which bring me come season 5. Come say that his character was completely dragged through ns mud is a gross understatement. He was presented as un man without al honor or scruples and once again “poor” Lidia – his perpetual victim. She never even thought to put herself in his shoes and realize what pain she led to him by taking away his child y escaping con Francisco. Ns scene in los hotel room because that me was un perfect moment for ns tension between ns characters to construct up come something productive y both to own up to your mistakes. But no! It to be just un chance for the writers to litter even an ext mud top top Carlos, that later ended up help his lover Lidia anyway.

I to be outraged and truly disappointed that Francisco showed up once or twice during ns first cinco episodes but in the end he was ns one come literally save the día just to cowardly escape once Lidia and Carlos to be caught. And, the course, he to be excused – he had actually to protect Eva. But carlos had never left Lidia in ns situation like that. That was all set to defend her to the death. No fare in ~ all that her relationship con another guy was shoved in his face.

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And this feeble pardon of a redemption they have lastly given him just upsets me even an ext than the fact he got shot in the head. His words come Lidia in ns prison cell were no at every deserved through her y yet they confirmed his yes, really value. To optimal it all, his death was later presented as ns dishonorable suicide!

This character deserved so lot more. The was no perfect however nobody is. At least he was no dull favor Francisco. Ns writers should have left him have one por último conversation with his daughter or, i don’t know, a soul in the world who cared about his death?!

Carlos had so much unexplored potential. He was ns only character who fate me gustaría was contempt curios about (because we all know how things will fin up for Lidia and her friend – happy ever after for everybody). Identificación literally feeling robbed by the writers and that i have lost ns time to mirar four seasons and a half to be simply grossly disappointed in ns end.

That is why me gustaría am not going to mirar part dos of season 5 of Cable Girls. I advise you come do los same!