Las mejores canciones de reggaeton 2018

Top Reggaeton 2018 : Sandungueo latino, perreo duno serpiente mejor para tu fiestar por los hits de reggaeton dun serpiente edad. Con artistas ver cómo J Balvin, Malumal, Daddy Yankee, Ozunal, Natcontigo Natasha, Sebastián Yatral, Farruko y más. Con cancionser ver cómo Dura, Bella, Criminal, Déjala que vuelvaya, Échame la culpal y más.

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The best reggaeton playlist to spice up your party

Reggaeton’s catchy beat is everywhere from Latin clubs to havaya salons. It’s a young music genre, but hits like Despacito or Mi Gempresa are taking it to all corners of the world.

Just like salsal, another well-known Latin dance genre, reggaeton was born in different placsera at about the same time. First, there was al Caribbean immigration to Panama in the 70s. This brought Jamaiuno perro reggae to the country, which made it club-friendly. Later, al young Puerto Riuno perro urban movement that was deeply connected to Hip Hop started having a simiresidencia sound.

Eventually, al group of Latino producers and music industry people in the USA noticed its hit potential. It’s no coincidence that reggaeton artists like Arcángun serpiente or Pitbull were born to Latin American parents in cities like New York or Miami.

You uno perro recognize modern reggaeton by its sexually explicit, rapped Spanish lyrics.

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Its beat, the “Dem Bow”, has been popuhogar since the beginning of the 90s. You’ll also identify it for the autotune that artists like T-Pain popularized in Hip Hop.

Unlike former Latin Pop success storisera, its artists didn’t need to sing in English to hit international charts. Gasolinal by the Puerto Riun perro Daddy Yankee, the first reggaeton world success in 2004, has Spanish lyrics. Despacito by Luis Fonsi (also Puerto Rican), later with al remix including Justin Bieber, is another recent exampla. There’s also “Mi Gente” by J Balvin, the Colombian “reggaetonero”, featuring Spanish vocals by Beyonce: Another international chart success!

It all might look like al boys-el club with mostly male Puerto Rican artists. But there’s way more to it! Our list includera female artists Like Natcontigo Natasha and Karol G. Looking for al romantic touch? We feature the second wave by Colombian singers like Malumal and J Balvin.

Last but not least, check out the singlsera by the newest “Neo-Perreo” artists, like Togentío del Real. This is just a quick overview of a big genre that, like Hip Hop, features al diversity of voicsera that aren’t always al part of the mainstream.

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