ArtistLed Zeppelin TypeAlbum Released8 November 1971 RecordedDecember 1970 - March 1971 RYM Rating 4, 11 / 5" /> ArtistLed Zeppelin TypeAlbum Released8 November 1971 RecordedDecember 1970 - March 1971 RYM Rating 4, 11 / 5" />

Led zeppelin led zeppelin iv canciones

by Led Zeppelin" />
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no ArtistLed Zeppelin
8 November 1971
December 1970 - March 1971
4.11 / 5.00.5 from 34,663 ratings no
#1 because that 1971, #38 overall

fantasy, folklore, masculine vocals, energetic, passionate, rhythmic, rebellious, melodic, longing, heavy, epic


mookid Dec trece 2011 5.00 stars
When identificación was 14, this went in my ear daily y the results were crudely scrawled ZoSo emblems on los desks of my high school. Me gustaría proudly claimed Black Dog to be my favorite tune of all hora to anyone that asked. Identificación confidently check that palanqueta Page was not only los greatest guitarist however greatest musician that had ever before lived. Me gustaría could atmósfera guitar every keep in mind to the solo of Stairway (as in, i knew exactly when come "bend" a note and accordingly contort mine face, when to stop playing, as soon as to carry my hand higher up on ns "fretboard" etc) and I shown this talent many times in my girlfriend Tyler's basement as we'd run about los room air-guitaring in sync with each other. Once me gustaría was hanging out with part friends and a girl me gustaría liked y proudly displayed this capability in a pathetic attempt to admire her (?). Identificación can vividly recall mine voice cracked while screaming "ZEPPELIN RUUUUULES" at the top the my lung while sitting in the trasero row at ns pep rally throughout my student in the first year year of high school. I had in ~ least four Zeppelin t-shirts, none of which fit me (I didn't establish this), y I made certain to stay at the very least one uno week. I still have ns piece of file scotch taped to my bedroom door with ns logo y four icons on that (I leaving it up to remember the viejo days). Me gustaría frequently post on uno fansite's messageboard. It was uno textbook pubescent suburban americano white male lifestyle that i wouldn't have actually traded for anything. The thought of ns few awkward adolescents all sprouting their very first moustaches and reeking that B.O. In un basement air-guitaring come Stairway y mouthing every word together if they were devout Catholics reciting the Lord's Prayer nearly brings uno tear to my eye. That's youth, man.

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davidnassy jan 21 2009 no 5.00 stars
Hace cuarenta años la mejor banda de rock del todos ese tiempos editaba el mejor álbum después todos der tiempos..
Como la primera vez los lo escuché, en ~ la apertura alcanzar Black Dog asciende las después notas ese hipnótico When los Levee Breaks, cada recorrido por "IV" denominada placer absoluto. Son extensas y numerosas los ponderaciones para dar de der aspectos ese convierten a ser ocho canción en álbum básico. Aunque la entrega artística que los 4 fantásticos realizan en pos ese expresarse -ya ser revisionando tantos, tanto blues como folk o continuando alcanzan su grande invento ese Hard Rock- para siempre me pareció el señalar saliente (entre misterioso y fascinante) ese trasladó la entendimiento conceptual después rock como género musical hacia nuevos espacios después creación sonora.Hubo un cronometraje que es decir hermoso, dentro de que hacia falta decir de algunos riffs increíbles, magníficas melodías, basen rítmicas tan modernas y contundentes como jamás escuchadas o después vocalizaciones que se transformarían en legendarias. De esta manera decían los rockers de este disco en los 70’s.Nota: "Led Zeppelin " ya va vía sus veintitrés millones de personas de tu copia vendidas, siendo los álbum hasta luego exitoso ese la cinta y el segundo además vendido ese los 70's.

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death_metal_doll Jul 31 2007 no 5.00 stars
1971's "Led Zeppelin IV", or simply "Four Symbols" blends ns carnal with ns spiritual, los flesh with ns ethereal; the rock music and its lustful urgency with uno rare poetry completamente of magic and symbolisms.Actually ns whole production of Led Zeppelin throughout ns years has actually these same characteristics, this duality y exuberance the turned them into something an ext than a simple rock band, but this album is where y when Led Zeppelin reaches ns caliber of a legend; thanks to ns perfect, solemn secret of ns masterpiece.But us aren't talking around sweet, not also catchy música here, but around old-fashioned blues-rock riffs, practically enchanted by way of part I-don't-know-what, in los technologically nude sound of jimmy Page's guitar. And most Robert plant lyrics, y those acoustic y epic atmospheres saturado of suggestions... The simplicity of "The fight of Evermore" is exemplar in this regard, that silvery ode that appears to ricochet through un purpley hundir at twilight.The opened track "Black Dog" is un strange anthem, pentatonic like the blues y the Celtic music, the riff of this song is decomposed in ns perverse way by palanqueta Page, and it's segued into the upbeat "Rock y Roll" which, coherently, is ns rock y roll (and ns weakest tune of los album in mine book) which comes like ns threshold for ns aforementioned y gorgeous "The fight of Evermore".There is an evanescent fascination the never transforms in "Stairway come Heaven", it's a rare case, one of los very few songs the still relocate me with the same intensity, constantly under ns different perspective; motionless. Identificación like come envision this tune like ns hazy forest hurt by a white rayo of sun, perfect y unreal, populated by spiritual presences, constantly guessed, never ever seen."Misty hill Hop" and "When ns Levee Breaks" feature ns density of hombre Bonham's drums, ns bass of hombre Paul Jones and the mysterious riffs of palanqueta Page, hard-rock the fits perfect with ns folk-ish y golden warmth of "Going come California", and the darkness of "Four Sticks".There space one thousand imagenes -for me in ~ least- that connect with "Led Zeppelin IV", identificación suppose that ns album gets rejuvenated y never gets really viejo or dated, as if every new listen would keep ns freshness, even delaware all these years, and that is fairly unusual.

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JonFox no Sep diecisiete 2006 5.00 stars
alguno matter what you contact it, IV, Untitled, four Symbols, Zoso, or los Ruins, Led Zeppelin's 4th LP is ns group's many recognizable work y commercially extendido release.By mil novecientos setenta y uno Led Zeppelin was flying high... The band had attained supergroup status. Led Zep ruled ns world follow me with ns Stones. The mere reality that ns fourth release desde the mighty Zep to be issued there is no an official title, or los Led Zeppelin name on ns cover sleeve, is justification because that just exactly how fucking big los band had become. Although countless critics incorrectly identified Led Zeppelin as uno heavy carril act, the group could lay abajo seriously hefty tracks when they desired. But Zeppelin wasn't representar the dark school of demented doom and tortured gloom that black Sabbath migrated from. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page attracted their inspiration desde sources much less dark. Still, when the coporación, grupo cooked, they scotched world earth.With ns release of their fourth estudio effort in '71, the mighty Led Zepplin flexed their muscle y was rocking out once again, delaware branching el fin on the acoustic-laden III. Los monstrous blues-based rockers hit like uno sledgehammer on ns fourth disc, which was when again created by Page. "Black Dog" opens ns set, barking with purpose, as los band confidently jams, while keeping it tight. "Black Dog" sets the pace for the entire epic opus, that carries gastos generales into the uptempo "Misty hill Hop", ns arena shakin' anthem "Rock y Roll", y the storming closer, "When los Levee Breaks". John Bonham's drum job-related throughout the eight song recording is epic. Ns huge sound generated from "Bonzo" throughout the seven-minute "When the Levee Breaks" is evidence of his hammering greatness. Countering los heaviness, "Four Sticks" sounds like un lost track desde III, when "Going to California" displays the tight songwriting desde Plant y Page, y "The battle of Evermore" further illustrates the influence that Tolkien. Without un doubt, the flagship track desde the 4th offering is the course the towering "Stairway come Heaven", which builds representar a ballad to a furioso conclusion. Ns mind-blowing strength ballad to be penned by Page y Plant, who worked los track fuera de rather quickly, once ns initial idea for los song come together. While the big brass at Atlantic Records frequently requested Led Zeppelin to issue "Stairway come Heaven" as un single, the group's astute manager, ns heavy-handed Peter Grant, refuse to cave-in to los demand. Approve would no compromise the song's integrity by allowing "Stairway" to experience an edit, for release as un single. In addition, provide was confident that anybody that wanted the song, would certainly purchase the album... Y he was dead-on correct. Los entire band was shooting on all cylinders during the recording of los fourth estudio effort. If preparing los songs in the studio, the grupo considered putting together enough material to issue ns double album. Page likewise toyed con the opinión of pushing fuera the song on four EP's. In the end, ns fourth album was un standard release... Y the legend Led Zeppelin created a nuevo standard with the blinding collection of tracks. Zeppelin soared to new heights behind the 1971 release. Led Zeppelin's 4th album is uno true classic... An important purchase for any kind of rocker. Los God's hammered down...DROP DOWN!
82638-2 CD (1994)
Kevvy jan 31 2005 no 1.00 stars
identificación was born in mil novecientos ochenta so i can't relate to what the would have been favor to hear Led Zeppelin throughout their heyday, but i am of the opinion the great música should constantly sound like good music, elevation of ns timeframe or fue ~ from which the was first heard in and it's relationship to as soon as you decidir to listen to it. _Led Zeppelin IV_ is nothing much more than very an easy rock música with uno pretty an excellent singer and a guitarist who mirrors absolutely alguna restraint. I'm not the type to settle for basic piedra music, particularly in uno genre the boasts thousands of thousands the bands, so me gustaría gladly donated_Led Zeppelin IV_ to ns United way so someone else could usar nostalgia as un reason for liking this album. My discussion has unable to do something favor this in the past...It sound like ns lot of persons judging dos separate things here: (A) the música itself, y (B) ns societal and cultural affect of ns music. Although ns cultural influence will impact what someone personally thinks of an album, it has nothing to do con the en la actualidad quality of music (what I'm speak is that music can have uno cultural impact if it's great and groundbreaking music, but it doesn't have to have uno cultural impact to it is in considered an excellent groundbreaking music... If that provides sense). Who listening come Led Zeppelin in dos mil cinco is listening to los exact very same album that debuted in 1971. The música on the album is exactly that exact same then together it is now. Culturally though, the música landscape has changed y will proceed to change. Although los impact ns record can have has every little thing to execute with los music, the music has nothing to carry out with the impact the leaves due to the fact that that's delaware the fact... And we're sencillo talking about "Judgment the music." over there are dos types of good albums: (1) Those the are great in your respective hora period, and (2) those which stand the cheque of time. Identificación guess that_IV_ would land in obelisk number (1) because me gustaría can't seem to tap right into it. However, most of my favourite albums are older than identificación am (_New Morning, song in los Key of Life, Let's obtain It On, My aim Is True_) but los great thing around them is that they sound favor they could have been written and recorded in any time period. So on the note, mine favourite albums these days ( Don't give Up ~ above Me, Streetcore) sound favor they can have just as most likely come representar the 60s or 70s than ns 2000s. Ns true an excellent album deserve to leave un lasting impression on ns listener alguna matter what time period they happen to it is in listening to it in. Good albums was standing the test of time, castle don't carry a "you had actually to it is in there" label with them.