“Set Fire To los Rain” talks about un relationship comes to one end. Girl meets guy, that is wonderful and she falls really quickly. He tells her all of these impressive things, but… check out More 

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I let that fall, my heartAnd as it fell, you rose to insurance claim itIt to be dark, y I was overUntil girlfriend kissed mine lips and you conserved meMy hands, they were strongBut my knee were much too weakTo was standing in her armsWithout falling to her feetBut there's a lado to youThat me gustaría never knew, never knewAll ns things you'd sayThey were never ever true, never ever trueAnd los games you'd playYou would always win, constantly winBut i set fire to the rainWatched it pour as i touched her faceWell, it burned while i cried'Cause identificación heard that screamin' fuera your nameYour name
When me gustaría lay con youI could stay there, close mine eyesFeel you right here foreverYou y me together, nothing is better'Cause there's a side to youThat identificación never knew, never ever knewAll ns things you'd sayThey were never true, never trueAnd ns games you'd playYou would always win, constantly winBut identificación set fire to the rainWatched it to water as me gustaría touched your faceWell, it burned while identificación cried'Cause i heard it screamin' fuera de your nameYour nameI set fire to ns rainAnd identificación threw united state into the flamesWhen it fell, somethin' died'Cause i knew the that to be the final timeThe last time
Sometimes, identificación wake up by los doorThat love you captured must it is in waitin' for youEven now, as soon as we're currently overI can't aid myself representar lookin' because that youI collection fire to ns rainWatched it to water as identificación touched her faceWell, it shed while me gustaría cried'Cause me gustaría heard that screamin' out your nameYour nameI collection fire to ns rainAnd i threw united state into los flamesWhen the fell, somethin' died'Cause me gustaría knew the that to be the last timeThe último timeOhOh, noLet the burnOhLet it burnLet the burn
“Set Fire To los Rain” talks about un relationship comes to an end. Girl meets guy, the is wonderful y she drops really quickly. He tells her every one of these impressive things, but really they to be all un lie and now she is left with uno broken heart. He continually make the efforts to juego games con her and no matter tough she fights, she will never win. Nothing she deserve to do will certainly fix ns relationship.

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As difficult as she doesn’t desire to let that go, she division it off in bespeak to save herself for additional heartbreak. Ns pain of break off uno relationship with someone who method so much but is two-sided and not an excellent to be with.

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The title is an allusion to jaime Taylor’s “Fire y Rain,” yet Adele approaches los same themes with uno thug-feminist perspective.

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In the US, ns song hit #1, becoming her 3rd consecutive number one from the album. She wouldn’t reach together heights again until her comeback individual “Hello” debuted at number one with a shocking 1.12 million duplicates sold in one main – los largest ever recorded in ns US.