“you need to see me in ns crown”, los lead single off Eilish’s debut album, as soon as WE ALL autumn ASLEEP, WHERE execute WE GO?, is based on the TV admitir Sherlock.The singer an initial teased… check out More 

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Bite mine tongue, bide my timeWearing ns warning signWait 'til ns world is mineVisions identificación vandalizeCold in mine kingdom sizeFell for these s eyesYou should see me in un crownI'm gonna run this naught townWatch me do 'em bowOne by one by oneOne through one byYou should see me in uno crownYour quiet is my favourite soundWatch me make 'em bowOne by one through oneOne by one by oneCount my cards, mirar them fallBlood on a marble wallI like ns way they every screamTell me which one is worseLiving or dying firstSleeping inside un hearse (I don't dream)
You say, "Come over, babyI think you're pretty"I'm okay, I'm not your babyIf friend think I'm prettyYou have to see me in a crownI'm gonna correr this nothing townWatch me do 'em bowOne through one through oneOne through one byYou should see me in ns crownYour silence is my favorite soundWatch me make 'em bowOne by one by oneOne by one by oneCrownI'm gonna correr this nothing townWatch me do 'em bowOne through one through oneOne through one byYou must see me in ns crown (You have to see me, see me)Your silence is my favorite sound (You need to see me, check out me)Watch me make 'em bowOne through one by oneOne by one by one
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“you need to see me in a crown”, the lead individual off Eilish’s debut album, WHEN we ALL loss ASLEEP, WHERE do WE GO?, is based on ns TV show Sherlock.

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The singer an initial teased the song in an Instagram story on June 15th, 2018, additionally saying:


The song’s artwork and length to be leaked on line two job before los surprise drop.The artwork functions crowns y spiders, both signs that room recurrent in Eilish’s social mitad posts.

The song was premiered top top BBC Radio 1; wherein Eilish mutual with los host, Annie Mac, that the title of ns song was motivated by ns scene in the popular BBC tv show, Sherlock:

We created this track ‘cause of Sherlock, actually, "cause there’s uno scene where jim Moriarty says, "You need to see me in ns crown’ and me and my brothers were like, ‘Hey, that’s jiggy as fuck.’ climate we simply sorta made ns song around being jiggy i guess, y you need to see me in un crown, so over there it is.

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She’s likewise shared ns same scene on Instagram, only few hours before the song’s release:

A Spotify configurar video exists for los track, inside Eilish allows several tarantulas to crawl on her while wearing a crown. The was later on uploaded to YouTube.

Announced vía Eilish’s Instagram story, one official, animated music video for the track was released on march 18th, 2019, which was briefly exclusive come Apple Music— receiving a completamente YouTube relax on April 17th 2019.The videolapes reportedly take it eight month to complete, y was developed in partnership with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The video look at an “otherworldly” variation of Eilish tower gastos generales a miniature ciudad before transforming into uno spider, con Murakami’s signature smiling flowers likewise making one appearance. Un thirty second preview of los video can likewise be viewed on Eilish’s YouTube channel.

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The pair also collaborated on Eilish’s cover for the 16th problem of GARAGE Magazine.