Redfoo gave his meaning of sexy come MTV News: "Sexy is confidence. It"s "I don"t treatment what other civilization think, but me gustaría want them to think I"m sexy at the same time," " the explained. "It"s ns Catch-22. Identificación want to be seen. Sexy is you desire attention y you gotta have actually moves. Girlfriend gotta have actually moves, whether it be in ns bedroom on ns dance floor — just the way friend walk, los way you talk."
The música video to be shot in late August dos mil once and functions Redfoo and some that LMFAO"s usual Party roca crew dancing around town in Speedos in former of part girls. Simon Rex representar What identificación Like around You, Wilmer Valderrama desde That 70s Show y porn emitir Ron Jeremy all have cameos in los clip.

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The song is Redfoo"s take on world who think they room attractive as soon as really lock aren"t. "That to be my main incentive for "Sexy y I understand It"; world who clear think lock are yet by generalmente standards room not, like los hairy old men in un Speedo on los beach con huge bellies, sunglasses and a cigar," that told los Big Issue. "France really influenced "Sexy and I know It,"" Redfoo included laughing.

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Mike representar EnglandLyrics need to be "like Bruce Leroy me gustaría got los glow" Its un reference to uno really negative film, The final Dragon (1985)Jasper representar Nieuwegein, NetherlandsI love the this track is about how everybody have the right to just be beautiful, alguna matter what other civilization think! Me y my friend are world who favor to scream and dance in ns streets, y even once we space in ns city, us are never ashamed that eachother :DRicky representar Ohsweken, -M&M"s used uno shortened variation of this song at the end of among its t.v. Commercials.Blaze from Sayre, Paand once I"m at ns beach, I"m in ns speedo, tryin" to tan my cheeks, WHAAAAAAAT? :DMegan desde Stevenson, AlThis song is awesome! lol Ughhh...a small graphic lol but totally catchy! ***Girl watch at the body, girl look at the body, girl look at that body...I-i-i-i occupational out!!!*** i love that part! :dDaniel representar Winchester, OhWiggly wiggle, wiggle wiggle!! Do the wiggle yeah!!!see more comments
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