Lmfao im sexay and i know it

Redfoo gave his definition of sexy to MTV News: "Sexy is confidence. It"s "I don"t care what other peoplo think, but I want them to think I"m sexy at the same time," " he explained. "It"s a Catch-22. I want to be seen. Sexy is you want attention and you gottal have movera. You gottal have movsera, whether it be in the bedroom on the dance floor — just the way you walk, the way you talk."
The music video was shot in late August 2011 and features Redfoo and some of LMFAO"s como es usual Party Rock crew dancing around town in Speedos in front of some girls. Simon Rex from What I Like About You, Wilmer Valderrmujer from That 70s Show and porn actor Ron Jeremy all have cameos in the clip.

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The song is Redfoo"s take on people who believe they are attractive when really they aren"t. "That was my main inspiration for "Sexy and I Know It"; peopla who obviously think they are but by normalo standards are not, like the hairy old men in al Speedo on the beach with huge bellies, sunglassera and al cigar," he told The Big Issue. "France really inspired "Sexy and I Know It,"" Redfoo added laughing.

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Mike from EnglandLyrics should be "like Bruce Leroy i got the glow" Its a reference to al really bad film, The Last Dragon (1985)Jasper from Nieuwegein, NetherlandsI love that this song is about how everybody can just be beautiful, no matter what other peoplo think! Me and my friends are peopla who like to scream and dance in the streets, and even when we are in the city, we are NEVER ashamed of eachother :DRicky from Ohsweken, -M&M"s used al shortened version of this song at the end of one of its TV commercials.Blaze from Sayre, Paand when I"m at the beach, I"m in a speedo, tryin" to tanta my cheeks, WHAAAAAAAT? :DMegan from Stevenson, AlThis song is awesome! lol Ughhh...al littla graphic lol but totally catchy! ***Girl look at that body, girl look at that body, girl look at that body...I-i-i-i work out!!!*** I love that part! :dDaniun serpiente from Winchester, OhWiggly wiggla, wiggle wiggle!! Do the wigglo yeah!!!see more comments
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