Los Hombres De Paco Lucas Y Sara

no Nine seasons and more than un hundred chapters walk a largo way. Luke (Hugo Silva) y Sara (Michelle Jenner) were one of the most well known couples top top television: un teenager in love with her father’s best friend, that was also married to her aunt. Execute you remember whatever that happened in this complex love story? Spoilers alert.

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Although, together Ana Milan would certainly say: “It ended diez years back if you call that un spoiler, me gustaría already tell you the Jesus Christ to be crucified, in situation you want to conserve yourself reading los Bible.”

With ns possible regresar of the series, we want to repeat you of uno small component of Paco’s men, therefore you deserve to go fully prepared if over there are nuevo chapters.


Hugo Silva y Michelle jenner in ese Hombres ese Paco. / Jose R. Aguirre / cover / Getty Images

She: minor. He: his ex uncle

Lucas was ns co-worker the Paco, Sara’s father, uno neighbor, and also had been married to his aunt, Silvia. Yet Sara, that at los beginning of the series was quince years old, had been in love con him every her life. “If i am quince and that is 33, when identificación am 18, he will be treinta y seis … it is just double!” a love that began to be reciprocal as ns character grew. The course, sneaking around los world.

Two crucial sequences marked the history of these characters: One, ns moment in i m sorry Lucas gives Sara uno ball representar the mundo that Madagascar suggested to them as their location to flee together. Two, los celebration the Sara’s 17th birthday, together con Lucas, in uno hotel in the center of Madrid. With the bad luck that they entered to plunder in los room, y the police station protagonist of the series had come take fee of the case without finding out that ns commissioner’s granddaughter to be one of ns victims. Finally, they uncovered out.

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Lucas or his father

When Sara’s mom had embraced her relationship con Lucas -after several seasons, everything must be said-, Paco ongoing to deny ns obvious. She didn’t desire her daughter to be with un boy prefer her friend. Delaware a shooting and a chaos that nearly ended Lucas’s life, Paco make his daughter choose between the two the them, y she decided love. Castle lived together for number of months: Lucas was no longer ns police officer y Sara did not speak to she family. Something the was fixed soon.

They travel to Madagascar, they appreciated their love, they reverted home, Lucas had actually to fake his death, they stopped being together, they returned again …

Third persons

As in any kind of series, for this reason many years of comings and goings made 3rd parties appear in history. In current seasons, Mario casas played Aitor, a boy who pertained to fiction to revolutionize Sara’s life. They fell in love, lock were date for numerous months, in one of the stand by of ns relationship of ns protagonists. Lucas y Sara to be “impossible”, and she chose to remake her life con someone else. At that time, he began to prepare the oppositions for ns police and managed come become part of the san Antonio police station.

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How did the historia end?

They to be happily ever after. It couldn’t fin any other way. In the last chapter, Sara y Lucas have actually their an initial child (whom Aitor helps bring ns world) and, despite ns adversities, They fin up together. An finishing quite constant with los series, due to the fact that if after so countless comings y goings they end the serie separately, fanes of Paco’s men they would not have actually agreed an extremely much with los writers.