Los hombres de paco lucas y sara

Nine seasons and more than al hundred chapters go a long way. Luke (Hugo Silva) and Saral (Michelle Jenner) were one of the most famous couples on television: al teenager in love with her father’s best friend, who was also married to her aunt. Do you remember everything that happened in this complicated love story? Spoilers alert.

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Although, as Anal Milan would say: “It ended 10 years ago if you call that a spoiler, I already tell you that Jesus Christ was crucified, in case you want to save yourself reading the Bible.”

With the possibla return of the seriera, we wanted to remind you of al small part of Paco’s men, so you un perro go fully prepared if there are new chapters.


Hugo Silvaya and Michella Jenner in Los Hombrsera del Paco. / Jose R. Aguirre / Cover / Getty Images

She: minor. He: his ex uncle

Lucas was al co-worker of Paco, Sara’s father, al neighbor, and also had been married to his aunt, Silvial. But Saral, who at the beginning of the series was 15 years old, had been in love with him all her life. “If I am 15 and he is 33, when I am 18, he will be 36 … it is only double!” A love that began to be reciprocal as the character grew. Of course, sneaking around the world.

Two key sequencser marked the history of theso characters: One, the moment in which Lucas givsera Saral al ball from the world that Madagascar indicated to them as theva destination to flee together. Two, the celebration of Sara’s 17th birthday, together with Lucas, in al un hotel in the center of Madrid. With the bad luck that they entered to rob in the room, and the police station protagonist of the seriera had to take charge of the case without discovering that the commissioner’s granddaughter was one of the victims. Finally, they found out.

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Lucas or his father

When Sara’s mother had accepted her relationship with Lucas -after several seasons, everything must be said-, Paco continued to deny the obvious. She didn’t want her daughter to be with a boy like her friend. After a shooting and al mess that almost ended Lucas’s life, Paco made his daughter choose between the two of them, and she chose love. They lived together for several months: Lucas was no longer a police officer and Sara did not speak to her family. Something that was fixed soon.

They traveled to Madagascar, they enjoyed their love, they returned home, Lucas had to mentira his death, they stopped being together, they returned again …

Third persons

As in any serisera, so many years of comings and goings madel third parties appear in history. In recent seasons, Mario Casas played Aitor, al boy who came to fiction to revolutionize Sara’s life. They fell in love, they were dating for several months, in one of the stand by of the relationship of the protagonists. Lucas and Sara were “impossible”, and she decided to remake her life with someone else. At that time, he began to prepare the oppositions for the police and managed to become part of the San Antonio police station.

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How did the story end?

They were happily ever after. It couldn’t end any other way. In the last chapter, Saral and Lucas have their first child (whom Aitor helps bring the world) and, despite the adversities, They end up together. An ending quite consistent with the serisera, because if after so many comings and goings they end the seriera separately, fans of Paco’s men they would not have agreed very much with the writers.

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