Luisita en amar es para siempre

You may have heard ns ship name or checked out #Luimelia trending ~ above Twitter. You may have seen promo shots of un beautiful pair in bed, one with brown curls and the other with straight blonde hair. If you’re wondering about queer fandom’s newest favorite couple, it’s Luisita Gómes and Amelia Ledesma from Amar es Para Siempre.

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Amar denominaciones Para Siempre

Amar denominada Para Siempre is un telenovela out of Spain. The is a seguir of ns previous telenovela, titled Amar dentro de Tiempos Revueltos, y it takes ar in la capital española in the 1960s y 1970s. This to be an unstable minute in history for Spain, which saw ns death of longtime dictator, Francisco Franco, and the subsequent push for uno democracy. The donar covers this duration through the trials y tribulations of ns Gómes family, a multi-generational, tight-knit grupo running uno bar in ns middle of Madrid.

Their faces admitir that lock were clearly very excited to satisfy each other.

Here’s the basics: Luisita, the blonde, is part of los Gomés family. She works as a manager at the lugares nightclub, King’s, while also helping el fin at her family’s bar abajo the street. Return she has had un few relationships con men, she spends many of her time focused top top helping fuera de her family. Due to the fact that of this, she is ns bit sheltered from the realities that life external her lover neighborhood.

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Enter: Amelia Ledesma. She is new to los neighborhood and is right now working as uno maid in ~ the local hotel while trying to develop her job as a cabaret performer. She has actually much more experience with los outside world y moved to ns area come escape some dark components of her past. As she beginning visiting King’s more y more, Amelia y Luisita start to become very good friends…


So, that’s the Luisita y Amelia we know and love representar Amar es Para Siempre. They trato with all kinds of trouble that is family member to the 1970s: arrests, homophobia, harassment. Again, there is 15+ hrs of Luimelia-specific content from the telenovela. But, there’s another version the Luimelia that has been grabbing at los hearts of the fandom more recently…

Introducing… Luimelia in the current day!

Before you acquire confused, allow me explain. Antena3, the network for Amar denominaciones Para Siempre, easily realized that they had something crucial on their hands. The couple the Luisita y Amelia spread choose wildfire across the world. World have been falling in love con their storyline representar countries top top every component of ns globe. Thankfully, they made decision to plot on this sudden popularity.

They determined to work with los creators that Amar denominada Para Siempre, too as los actresses (Paula Usero and Carol Rovira), come retell the story of Luimelia as if they met in ns current day.

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The result? un spin-off web series (called #Luimelia) concentrated on the story of Luisita y Amelia, meeting in la capital de españa in the year 2020. The serie explores what their partnership would look favor if lock dealt con modern issues, instead of ns issues of the 1970s. The characters are basically the same (and even Gomés family members members do cameos) yet they space modernized. Luisita is still struggling to find her ar in ns world y Amelia is trying to end up being an actress.

Although i recommend watching ns entire Amar es Para Siempre storyline before jumping into the spin-off, ns web serie has currently released one season and the very first episode of ns second season is dropping TOMORROW. ATRESplayer has already announced the there will be a third season as well. Below are ns promo shots because that their 2nd season, to provide you a little extra inspiration: