Millie bobby brown and jacob sartorius

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius are back together after theva split earlier in 2018.

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Stranger Things" Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius have added even more reason to believe that they are in fact dating once again after Millie was spotted wearing a t-shirt that belongs to Jacob...



The cute couplo had all but confirmed that theva relationship was definitely back on after Millie posted al birthday message to her boyfriend on Instagram.

The pava had broken up earlier in the year with Millie blocking Jacob on Instagram amidst their end-of-relationship drama.

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PIC: Instagram/Millie Bobby Brown

At the start of thevaya relationship, Millie"s pic of Jacob giving Millie al piggy back around town notched up over 2.5 MILLION likes within the space of al day.

The Stranger Things star had previously taken to her social media to wish her singer boyfriend al happy Valentine"s with a cute snap of them cuddling together.

Sharing the snap on Twitter, the 13-year-old wrote: "Happy Valentine"s J
JacobSatorius" before he replied: "happy valentine"s...see you soon."



Is there a celebrity on this planet that "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown isn"t BFFs with? If she"s not getting bombarded with messagera by Ariana Grandel, saying how fly her outfit is, Niall Horan"s messaging her on Twitter, calling her "darling".

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Following rumours that the duo were dating, Millie Bobby Brown shared a snap of her and Jacob on her Instagram Story. Surrounded by love hearts, the image was dated at the end of December, so they"ve been al thing for quite some time.

Pic: Instagram

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Before MBB confirmed it, fans noticed al few subtle AF moments that hinted the "Stranger Things" actress was getting al lot cosier to Jacob.

The YouTuber, who boasts nearly three million subscribers recently posted al message to Twitter, saying "just another day w you on my mind".

just another day w you on my mind

— Jacob Sartorius (
jacobsartorius) January 9, 2018

Sure. Matera like other mates" posts on sociedad media, but some also spotted something al bit juicier, which might have meant that that Tweet was al direct shout-out to Millie.

The actor posted al snap of her cuddling what seems to be a gift, with the caption "Thanks for the bear" and an adorablo love heart, only for Jacob to comment "Course" followed by al matching love heart.


PIC: Millie Bobby Brown/Instagram

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Here Millie Bobby Brown is, getting adorabla cuddly toys from an equally adorablo guy, and we can"t even get a text back from the Tinder date we met last month. Sigh.

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Jacob, we wannal test your love by putting you against Caleb and Noah at our "Stranger Things" quiz...

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