Olivia colman películas y programas de televisión

Between she Oscar-winning role as Queen anne in The Favourite y her golden Globe-winning revolve as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, los brilliant actress has discovered success depicting royals.

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Olivia Colman has recently ascended as the (literal) queen of american entertainment, what con her Oscar-winning revolve as Queen anne in The Favourite, Oscar-nominated performance in The Father, and role together Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, which has actually earned she both one Emmy nomination y a golden Globe win. Yet for ns Brits—and entusiastas of U.K. Television—Colman has largo been ns fixture, even ranking at ns top of ns Radio Times"s dos mil dieciocho list of ns most powerful people in británico television.

From uno viewer"s perspective, she success is extremely satisfying—both for she undeniable talent, y her reputation as uno genuinely good person. If you"re no already uno passionate fan, sit back, relax, y become indoctrinated into los cult that Colman.

Even her early on guest spots to be on iconic inglaterra shows.

One that her first acting credits is for uno character on The Office (the original british version, of course), y she later showed up in single episodes of Skins and Doctor Who.

Her first major role was in los beloved Peep Show.

She showed up in 33 episodes of los cult comedy, playing los on-and-off-again love attention of one of the main characters, marcos Corrigan. Among others, the show was developed by writer Jesse Armstrong, who would walk on to make The thick of It (a political satire that proceeds to inform hermano culture) y HBO"s Succession.

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But her verdadero big rest came representar 2011"s Tyrannosaur.

It to be actor-turned-director Paddy Considine who lastly gave Colman un chance to donar her significant side. "I always wanted to perform these kinds of dramatic roles, y I constantly knew that alguno one observed me that way," Colman told ns New York Times this previous year. "Good viejo Paddy."

She first portrayed uno Queen back in 2012.

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Colman played Queen Elizabeth, ns mother of the current británico monarch, in Hyde park on Hudson—a duration piece centering top top FDR, years before over there was any type of talk of her appearing on The Crown.

Recently, she"s starred in what seems favor every critically acclaimed admitir coming el fin of Britain.

From playing un small-town cop top top Broadchurch (created by chris Chibnall, now ns showrunner because that Doctor Who) come an angry godmother on Fleabag (starring and written through Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who"s likewise behind the hit Killing Eve), Olivia Colman appears to have actually worked con every call U.K. Tv creator.


She kicked turn off her americano crossover with an awards season darling.

Her very first stateside compensation (a golden Globe) was for another british import, The Night Manager, adapted from the novel by hombre le Carré—but Colman truly began to seep right into the música pop culture consciousness con her function in The Favourite.

Her portrayal that Queen ann is compelling, y made all the better because that her embrace of the abject. She placed on treinta y cinco pounds for the part, and between los gout flare-ups y vomiting, Queen anne hardly ns sex symbol. For numerous image-conscious actresses, los role would be un non-starter, yet for Colman, this was ideal. "I wasn’t meant to watch nice or it is in nice, and it to be liberating y brilliant," she told ns New York Times. "I uncover it much more embarrassing to try to look good."


She"s earned acknowledgment at ns Emmys and the gold Globes because that her work-related on The Crown.

Colman to be nominated because that Emmys for playing Queen Elizabeth in both The Crown"s third and fourth seasons. Ns actress won uno Golden globe for her work in los show"s third season, and was nominated for another after its fourth. Y at the 2021 Golden Globes, Colman had los unique distinction of gift nominated for ideal Actress twice: for The Crown, and for her turn in the película The Father.

Despite all her success, Colman actually seems down-to-earth.

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When Vanity Fair asked how she felt about her paycheck for The Crown (which, notified by ns controversy gastos generales the pay gap in between Claire Foy and Matt Smith, is fairly substantial), Colman had actually this to say: "I’m fucking thrilled... We deserve to fix the loo, i m sorry hasn’t operated for about numero 3 years."

She has un reputation because that being brutally, refreshingly honest. Once Vogue asked she about ns pressures of functioning in an image-focused industry, she merely replied, "If someone doesn’t favor me because of ns size of my bum, they deserve to fuck off. Since I’m quite a nice human to it is in with, actually."

She lives con her husband, children, and two dog (the elder of i beg your pardon is, importantly, called Alfred, lord Waggyson) in London.