Olivia De Havilland Y Joan Fontaine

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Olivia después Havilland was commemorated for her duty in “Gone With ns Wind” — but when it come to los relationship she had con her sister, actress Joan Fontaine, she was likewise gone with los kin.

See, los Hollywood symbol who depicted sweet, doomed Melanie to be actually a fighter.

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De Havilland, who passed away Sunday just weeks delaware turning 104, didn’t simply hold un grudge against Fontaine because the latter winner an Oscar for finest Actress in mil novecientos cuarenta y dos — in un category because that which they to be both nominated. Their sibling rivalry began many año earlier y was her best battle, aided by de Havilland’s infamous grudge-holding personality.

That fighting heart sparked an ext recently when, in ~ 102, she sue FX because that an unauthorized use of her identification in the dos mil diecisiete series “Feud: Bette y Joan.” ns Supreme Court decreased to hear her situation in 2019. (She did, however, blaze trails for actresses via her litigious contract battles con movie studios circa the 1930s.)

‘I bequeath every my beauty beauty to mine younger sister, Joan, because she has actually none.’

-Olivia de Havilland

But trasero to los fractured sister act: de Havilland and Fontaine, ns latter of whom passed away at noventa y seis in 2013, to be born just un year apart, de Havilland being the elder sibling. Fontaine once reportedly said, “I remember not one act of kindness representar Olivia all through my childhood. She therefore hated the idea of having uno sibling she wouldn’t go near my crib.”

The obvious root of los issue: when their mother remarried after their dad abandoned los family to return to his mistress, Fontaine conveniently cozied up to their nuevo stepfather, george Fontaine — whom del Havilland never liked. Unlike después Havilland, fontaine became much more open to pointing out their rivalry — y in her 1978 autobiography “No Bed that Roses,” additionally credited los issue with del Havilland’s resentment come sharing parental attention with un sibling.

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At 9, de Havilland received ns school assignment come write ns make-believe último will and testament. “I bequeath all my beauty to mine younger sister, Joan, since she has none,” she allegedly wrote. Later, it just worsened when Fontaine received an sell for the role that Melanie Hamilton Wilkes in the now-controversial “Gone With ns Wind,”but she recommended ese Havilland because that it.