Once i was 7 years old

In “7 Years”, ns Danish grupo Lukas Graham reflect on their life and wonder about growing older. Nostalgia desde ages 7, 11, and 20 are explored before ns band go on to… review More 

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Once, i was seven la edad old, my mama told me"Go make yourself part friends, or you'll it is in lonely"Once, me gustaría was seven año oldIt was un big, big world, however we assumed we were biggerPushing each various other to ns limits, us were discovering quickerBy eleven, smoking cigarettes herb and drinking burn liquorNever rich, so us were fuera de to make that secure figureOnce, me gustaría was once years old, my dad told me"Go acquire yourself a wife, or you'll it is in lonely"Once, identificación was once years oldI constantly had that dream prefer my daddy prior to meSo identificación started composing songs, i started composing storiesSomething around that glory just always seemed to bore me'Cause just those me gustaría really love will ever really understand meOnce, me gustaría was twenty la edad old, my story got toldBefore ns morning sun, as soon as life was lonelyOnce, me gustaría was twenty years viejo (Lukas Graham!)

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I just see my goals, i don't think in failure'Cause i know los smallest voices, they have the right to make it majorI acquired my boys con me, at least those in favorAnd if we don't fulfill before identificación leave, me gustaría hope I'll check out you laterOnce, me gustaría was twenty años old, my story got toldI was creating 'bout everything me gustaría saw before meOnce, me gustaría was twenty años oldSoon, we'll it is in thirty años old, ours songs have been soldWe've travel around ns world y we're still roamingSoon, we'll be thirty la edad oldI'm tho learning about life, my woman brought children for meSo me gustaría can song them all my songs, and I have the right to tell lock storiesMost of my boys are with me, some room still el fin seeking gloryAnd some i had to leaving behind, my brother, I'm quiet sorrySoon, I'll it is in sixty la edad old, my daddy obtained sixty-oneRemember life and then her life becomes a better oneI made ns man so happy when i wrote un letter onceI hope my niños come and visit as soon as or twice a month

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Soon, I'll it is in sixty años old, will i think los world is cold?Or will i have uno lot of children who can warm me?Soon, I'll it is in sixty años oldSoon, I'll be sixty la edad old, will identificación think los world is cold?Or will me gustaría have un lot of children who have the right to hold me?Soon, I'll be sixty años oldOnce, i was seven years old, mine mama called me"Go do yourself some friends, or you'll it is in lonely"Once i was seven año oldOnce me gustaría was seven año old