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"7 Years" is un song by Danish soul-pop tape Lukas Graham desde their second studio album, Lukas Graham. Ns song to be released as ns digital download on 18 September dos mil quince by Copenhagen Records. Ns lyric videolapes was uploaded come YouTube on diecisiete November 2015, y the musical video was uploaded on 15 December 2015. The topped ns charts in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Australia, new Zealand, Ireland, the UK, and Canada, while reaching los top ten in other European countries, as well as los United States. ns song was composed by Lukas Forchammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Ristorp, and Morten "Pilo" Pilegaard. The song was created by Stefan Forrest and Morten Ristorp under their phase name Future Animals, y Pilegaard. The song was combined by Delbert Bowers and Morten Pilegaard. On 12 February 2017, "7 Years" to be nominated for three Grammy Awards: record of los Year, song of ns Year, and Best pop Duo/Group Performance. Follow to los International federación of ns Phonographic market (IFPI), "7 Years" was the seventh best-selling tune of dos mil dieciséis worldwide with 10.4 million digital downloads and track-equivalent streams.more »

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Once me gustaría was 7 years old my momma called meGo do yourself part friends or you"ll it is in lonelyOnce me gustaría was seven años oldIt was uno big large world, yet we assumed we to be biggerPushing each other to ns limits, us were learning quickerBy once smoking herb and drinking burn liquorNever rich so we were fuera to do that stable figureOnce identificación was eleven years viejo my dad told meGo get yourself ns wife or you"ll be lonelyOnce identificación was eleven years oldI constantly had that dream prefer my daddy before meSo identificación started creating songs, me gustaría started writing storiesSomething around that glory just constantly seemed to bore me"Cause just those me gustaría really love will ever before really recognize meOnce identificación was twenty la edad old, my historia got toldBefore los morning sun, when life to be lonelyOnce i was twenty la edad old(Lukas Graham)I just see my goals, identificación don"t think in failure"Cause me gustaría know los smallest voices, they can make it majorI got my boys with me at the very least those in favorAnd if us don"t meet before me gustaría leave, i hope I"ll check out you laterOnce i was twenty año old, my historia got toldI was creating "bout everything, me gustaría saw before meOnce identificación was twenty año oldSoon we"ll be thirty año old, our songs have been soldWe"ve travel around ns world and we"re quiet roamingSoon we"ll it is in thirty año oldI"m quiet learning around lifeMy woman brought niños for meSo me gustaría can sing them all my songsAnd me gustaría can tell lock storiesMost of my boys are con meSome room still fuera seeking gloryAnd some i had to leaving behindMy brothers I"m tho sorrySoon I"ll be sixty año old, mine daddy gained sixty-oneRemember life and then your life becomes a better oneI made un man so happy when i wrote uno letter onceI expect my children come y visit, when or twice a monthSoon I"ll it is in sixty years old, will me gustaría think los world is coldOr will identificación have uno lot of niños who deserve to warm meSoon I"ll it is in sixty la edad oldSoon I"ll be sixty years old, will identificación think los world is coldOr will identificación have uno lot of children who have the right to warm meSoon I"ll it is in sixty año oldOnce identificación was seven years old, mine momma called meGo do yourself part friends or you"ll be lonelyOnce me gustaría was seven año oldOnce me gustaría was seven la edad old

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Lukas Graham Lukas Graham is uno Danish pop and soul band. It is composed of command vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, drummer mark Falgren, and bassist Magnus Larsson. The band released their first album, Lukas Graham, with labels Copenhagen Records y Then us Take los World in 2012. Ns album peaked at number one on ns Danish charts. Their second album was released in 2015 and earned internacional attention with singles favor "Mama Said" y "7 Years", ns latter of which peaked at number dos on los Billboard Hot cien list (among various other countries" charts). Ns self-titled global debut album to be officially released in ns United estados by Warner Bros. Records on uno April 2016. More »

Written by: Christopher Brown, David Labrel, Lukas Forchhammer, Morten Pilegaard, Morten Ristorp Jensen, Stefan Forrest