One Day I Ll Fly Away

Around ns time Jennings composed this, the was additionally working con Steve Winwood on his 1980 album Arc Of ns Diver, creating lyrics for his comeback struggle "While girlfriend See a Chance." He y Sample were likewise working on ns Crusaders 1981 album Soul Shadows, which featured guest vocals by bill Withers, and the track "I"m So happy I"m Standing right here Today," i m sorry was tape-recorded by ns Crusaders with josé Cocker ~ above vocals.

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Nicole Kidman sang this in the dos mil uno movie Moulin Rouge, i beg your pardon she starred in. Claims Jennings, "Baz Luhrmann in his fabulous over-the-top movie used los song as the theme for ns character play by Nicole Kidman -papposo the personality is tied by the life she is living and wants to be complimentary of it."
GrenadeBruno Mars

"Grenade" was a term used on the show Jersey shore to average an ugly girl. Bruno Mars says his fight song with that title was written prior to the show started.

i Kissed uno GirlKaty Perry

Katy Perry"s breakout struggle "I Kissed a Girl" to be surprising come those familia with her past: her parents to be pastors y she began off singing Christian music.

stunner TrainOzzy Osbourne

"Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne is about ns Cold War ide of mutually Assured devastation (M.A.D.) have to any átomo missile be fired.

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friend Are ns TouristDeath Cab for Cutie

The music video because that "You Are ns Tourist" by fatality Cab because that Cutie to be done live on ns internet, becoming los first live, scripted, single-take music video videotaped that way.

Theme from ShaftIsaac tengo

When "Theme representar Shaft" winner an Oscar, Isaac hayes became the first African american to success in ns "Best Song" category.

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Beer Barrel Polka (Roll fuera de The Barrel)Will Glahe

In 1939, uno polka heat swept america thanks come "Beer Barrel Polka (Roll out The Barrel)."

Lip-Synch RebelsSong writing

What happens once Kurt Cobain, stole Maiden and Johnny Lydon are told to lip-synch? some hilarious "performances."

Corey HartSongwriter Interviews

The canadian superstar talks about his sudden climb to fame, and tells the stories behind his access time "Sunglasses in ~ Night," "Boy In ns Box" and "Never Surrender."

U2Fact or Fiction

How did los Edge obtain his name? go they name un song delaware a Tolkien book? y who is "Angel that Harlem" about?

Jesus In música pop Hits: los Gospel Songs that Went MainstreamSong creating

These overtly spiritual songs crossed gastos generales to the música pop charts, in spite of resistance representar fans, y in many cases, churches.

base Player Scott EdwardsSong composing

Scott to be Stevie Wonder"s base player before becoming ns top conference player. Hits he played on include "I will certainly Survive," "Being con You" and "Sara Smile."

grueso Wagner (Alice Cooper/Lou Reed)Songwriter Interviews

The co-writer/guitarist on numerous Alice Cooper hits, astuto was also Lou Reed"s axeman on the rock n" Roll fauna album.