Paco De Lucía Lucia De Lucia

Technically excellent Spanish guitarist who worked with top flamenco artists and introduced many innovations within the field.

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ns role of ns flamenco guitar evolved significantly through ns playing of Paco después Lucia (born Francisco Sanchez Gomez). The ellos eran of flamenco guitarist Antonio Sanchez y the brothers of uno flamenco guitarist, Ramón después Algeciras, y flamenco singer, Pepe del Lucia, Paco del Lucia extended ns former accompaniment-only heritage of flamenco etc to encompass deeply empleado melodic statements and modern instrumentation. His collaborations included ten albums con flamenco vocalist ns Camaron ese la Isla and work with american pianist Chick Corea and the etc Trio, special guitarists john McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, y Al DiMeola. His recordings con his sextet, which contained his hermano Ramón y Pepe, include such groundbreaking masterpieces as La Fabulosa Guitarra del Paco del Lucia, Fantasia Flamenca, derivado y Caudal, Almoraima, and Zyryab. Yet, ese Lucia go not totally forsake classic flamenco. His mil novecientos ochenta album, Interpreta ns Manuel de Falla, payment homage to los classical composer y flamenco enthusiast, while his mil novecientos ochenta y siete album, Siroco, significant a regresar to pure flamenco. "I have actually never lost los roots in mine music," del Lucia said during ns late-"90s interview, "because i would shed myself. What i have tried to perform is have un hand holding onto tradition and the various other scratching, digging in various other places, trying to find new things me gustaría can bring into flamenco."

Born in Algeciras, a small ciudad in most southern Spain"s Cadiz province, del Lucia to be bred come be uno world-class musician. The trained with his father and brother from the age of five.

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Mastering the art of flamenco guitar by his 11th birthday, that made his public performance debut on Radio Algeciras in 1958. Un year later, he received uno special award at the festival Concurso international Flamenco ese Jerez del la Frontera. Heralded as uno child prodigy, del Lucia was invited to join ns flamenco troupe led through dancer joe Greco at the age the 16. That remained con the coporación, grupo for three years. Uno turning señalar in después Lucia"s musical development come while top top tour con Greco"s troupe in north America. Meeting Sabicas, ns first flamenco guitarist come tour ns world, he was instructed to seek his own layout of playing. Back he stayed tied to traditional flamenco ~ above his an initial two acabó albums -- La Fabulosa Guitarra de Paco del Lucia in 1967 and Fantasia Flamenca in 1969 -- y recorded ten albums accompanying flamenco vocalist del la Isla, del Lucia ongoing to look for a empleado approach. The renowned guitarist passed away suddenly y unexpectedly of ns heart attack in Mexico in February 2014; that was 66 years old.

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The ciudad of Algeciras, de Lucia"s birthplace, declared two days of main mourning.