“If this were uno telenovela, he"s acquired the respuesta all wrapped increase with ns bow.

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Oh, wait! This is ns telenovela!" -- Jardinera“When space these girls going to take up arms y defend themselves? Crying y pouting just goes for this reason far." -- Kirby

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nerón is all dressed increase in a suit this tiempo as he makes a visit to ns Public Ministery. He asks what he requirements to do to re-open his tire business. Could they simply lower los fine uno little bit? i m really sorry but ns best that have the right to be done is to offer him the option that splitting the fine into two installments: pay los first now y the 2nd within los month. Nerón wonders just how he can acquire so much money together in such uno short time.Toño is sit in a classroom filled con mothers where ns teacher is informing them the she desires their niños to carry something the represents castle to the festival. It deserve to be un plant, ns toy, un photo. It additionally can be uno pet but if that is, los smaller the better. Toño is ~ above his phone and manages come disturb the whole group by laughing in ~ something. The starts to explain that that was just writing his wife about was walking on at los meeting. She is the one who generally does this things. The was ns wrong thing to speak as los teacher provides a apuntar a of telling him the they all think in sex equality here. He conveniently adds the he does, too, but they need to admit the they are a little different. Together he continues to talk, he simply digs self in deeper. He realizes the is in adversary territory. Nerón has a temp job outside of a pawn shop calling out to people y handing fuera flyers. Flor y Milady protect against on by. She wants him to watch los baby due to the fact that she got a call to walk to ns hostess job. The is not too happy around that due to the fact that he is functioning himself. She says that he deserve to just push ns stroller behind his stand y is fuera de of there. At ns clothing store, Kika is at los cashier informing her to fee it every to her “black” credit card. If she is checking out, Anifer picks up a green top and slips it right into one of Kika’s to buy bags. Anifer bring away Renée by los hand y leads she to ns store entrance to wait because that Kika. Kika complains around having to lug all of ns bags by herself. Together she passes through ns door the security machine beeps y a security seguridad stops her. She turns over all of she shopping bags. Kika accuses Anifer of act something that caused this. She goes come grab Anifer however Renée pulls her back. Exactly how dare she treat Anifer prefer that? Kika take away Anifer’s cheek and says well, probably it no her however then why walk she have that big smile on her face? Anifer put that green top in she bag, right? Anifer shakes her head. Kika provides her nod still holding onto her cheek. Renée clears Kika’s hand from Anifer’s face. She takes Anifer off to get ns micro bus. Kika is left alone insisting that is alguna big deal and willingly pays for the green top. Nerón is quiet hawking at the pawn shop. A whole grupo of potential customers aprobar on by y smelling Milady’s saturado diaper, lock presume it need to be Nerón. Lock tell the to walk to the bathroom. They call him come take uno bath. They return the flyers. Rather walking by will certainly not also get close sufficient take one. He wonders just how such tiny thing can make such ns stinky mess.Baldo y Lili make ns trip to los school the Valentina y Samuel attend. Los twins do a señalar of talk to them together Samuel y Valentina are waiting for un hired coche to choose them up. Baldo asks them if they choose this school. Valentina y Samuel just stare at each other.Falcón is exterior somewhere talking to someone on ns phone about Mauricio. With the loan, Mauricio will certainly be also in more debt and Falcón will have actually even more control. He tells ns person on los other fin not come worry because he Falcón will know what they need to do. Kika and Mauricio room entering his office. She is moaning about how Anifer y the maid teamed up and just left her every by her lonesome. That apologizes y finds it simply incredible that they would just take off delaware she took them out. He will take treatment of that later but now they have to satisfy with the board. Mauricio’s phone rings. It is Renée telling him about the shopping fiasco. Mauricio doesn’t watch it as anything that cannot it is in fixed. Renée insists she is not being dramatic however Kika turned into un crazy woman. Mauricio claims they have the right to talk about it later; lock have uno big meeting they have actually to acquire to. Renée tells him there is miscellaneous else and he requirements to listen to her. She overheard Kika on los phone talking around how she was lying come him y wanted come hurt him. She doesn’t know why the is however Kika is working against him. He wants her to explain as Kika reminds him the they have actually to get going. Renée bring up ns magazine she provided him último night. There was a photo of Kika y her dad in it. She was small but it to be Kika. Their dos families must have known every other. Mauricio doesn’t remember anything like that. Perhaps the fotografía just was taken by chance. Renée no think so y she heard Kika say she to be going to take it revenge top top him. Mauricio can’t make sense fuera de of any type of of it. Renée tells him it must have something come do con his family. Falcón division up los conversation by comes in y asking whereby they space already. The meeting is around to start. Tho on los phone, Mauricio insinuates that Renée do it all up just due to the fact that she cannot stand Kika: women constantly have misunderstandings. The pushes Renée over the edge y she speak him to perform what that wants. Once it comes debajo to it, she walk not care if the believes she or not. It is his problem. She hangs up. Mauricio pretends to be speak goodbye to her as Falcón and Kika look on. Trasero at los school, Valentina tries come direct the twins to ns office whereby they deserve to have every one of their questions answered. Lili claims that she simply wanted to recognize how the school was desde some kids that go there. She says that Samuel y Valentina should be brother and sister since they watch so lot alike. Samuel asks if the two that them space sister y brother. Lili answers that they are twins. Lili and Bardo it seems to be ~ to want to be Valentina y Samuel’s nuevo BFF’s. Baldo asks if your dad is coming to choose them up y adds that that would be just normal. Samuel and Valentina room relieved as soon as their coche comes to pick them up. Lili criticizes Baldo for scaring them off by pointing out their dad. Still trying to work exterior of ns pawn shop, Nerón opts for changing Lili top top the table that is come be offered for promotional materials under los balloons. Unexpectedly a chico comes through criticizing him changing the baby there fuera in ns open. His ceo comes out and starts to make a big transacción about the bringing his baby to work y her stinking up the place. Nerón wants to recognize what he to be suppposed to do as soon as his wife left him with ns baby. Ns boss finally gives him five minutes to obtain her adjusted at los washroom OUTSIDE los store and back to work.Falcón defines that due to the fact that Kika’s money has not been transferred Mauricio will need to get ns loan desde him. She has alguno investment in the empresa therefore her existence is not important at this meeting. Mauricio explains to Kika the they just cannot wait any type of longer with ns Xmas season comes up. Kika states she will talk to she accountants to shot to velocidad up the transfer. Falcón gets ns loan documents for Mauricio to sign. Falcón announces the they will get los loan tomorrow. Jorge provides Mauricio ns papers and Mauricio signs.Renée is functioning on she laptop feather stressed fuera when Anifer states something need to be bothering her. Renée is simply aggravated with Kika. Anifer agrees y when Mauricio comes home they will tell him. Renée suddenly jumps increase saying the she has to discover something. Anifer tag along. Renée desires to watch through the trash desde last night to discover something the she threw el fin out by mistake. Anifer asks if they space going to go dumpster diving. Renée concludes the Anifer is just as crazy together she is.Having arrived trasero in los cul-de-sac, Samuel is informing Valentina that those dos kids must have wanted to plunder them or something. Valentina does not think that yet why to be they asking around their dad? Samuel reiterates that if they didn’t want to rob them then why to be they asking around so countless things. He desires her come tell your dad or Rodrigo. Valentina simply sees him together being paranoid. Tho spooked, Samuel keeps city hall behind them together they caminar to their house. Valentina speak him to hurry up. She needs to make part food.At your apartment, Lili is informing Baldo that they simply should have actually told Valentina y Samuel that they were your siblings y have to be done con it. Baldo has other to plan like acquiring information desde the kids and then forcing Jorge to tell ns kids the truth in front of them. Ns kids were not going to believe them anyway. Lili walk not view that working. Baldo asks her if she remembers that folder with the family trips. Lili says she does, so what? while Renée is at ns dumpster, Toño and his kids ocurrir by. Anifer goes with them to jugar while Toño renders a comment about her coming by y helping him at his casa since she currently has time to clean the dumpster. She talks about how tired Verónica looks con all of los work she has to do and at the very least she have to not need to do anything once she it s okay home. Every Toño have the right to say is no, yes, y takes the victim role. He and Verónica room both los same. The is being gradually killed. As soon as he leaves, Renée concludes that males cannot recognize anything also though friend tell it to them best to their face. Renée finds what she was looking for. That is ns plastic bag full of magazines.Back at ns office, Falcón y the tablón leave. Kika apologizes to Mauricio again about the money transfer. Mauricio says far better late than never. The important point is that los transfer happens and that she is with them. He asks if she really wants to invest. Of food she does! now as she is all gastos generales him, she wants to understand if he has any plans. She has uno get-together con some people desde the fashion sector really close by y invites Mauricio. Falcón announces that he and Mauricio must go for the drinks. Mauricio states it would be a good chance to get to recognize Kika better and find el fin about her family. Jorge cannot think what that is seeing as Kika hangs all gastos generales Mauricio. Kika invites him, too, saying the he looks choose he could usar it. No, Jorge has too many things he has to acquire done. This tiempo Mauricio call Jorge “Jimmy”.All of the kids space playing together. Kika apologizes again because that pushing Ernesto. The forgives her. Rafael comes by come see los kids with un couple of hare he has actually for vaccination and observation. He teaches los kids that pets are not toys however are life beings that feel things similar to we do. Samuel city hall them v his window. Rafael tells them they have to treat ns animals with lots of love, respect y take very an excellent care the them. At ns club, Kika y Mauricio space doing shots. That is no quite keeping up. He states that that is simply not used to comes to these places anymore. She blames it on him going come live in the slum. Mauricio says it is not just living in los cul-de-sac; that is his nuevo life. Kika states he need to be talking about Anifer “his tiny blessing”. She asks around Anifer’s mother. The agrees come tell her all around her but only if she tells him first where she to know him representar because the does not remember her. He needs to be certain that over there is naught in her past that could be used against him or un reason to kill him. A club photographer come on by to take a foto of ns two that them. Kika kisses him y pushes up los corners that his mouth to do him smile. Kika proceeds to tell him that she was uno friend that his the was called “La Chiqui”. With a flashback, us see how Mauricio led Chiqui to an diverted dark room at school even though they were there for ns dance. The told her that he was going to announce the she was his novia.

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The told Kika that he loved her. She stated that she loved him, too. He then told her to close she eyes because he had actually something because that her. That counted to three y the lights went on. Every of los other children yelled out "surprise" and threw buckets of water top top her and laughed. The told her the if she ever before thought that she would be his girlfriend, she to be crazy. Back in the present, Mauricio is now remembering that girl. She was a little. . . . Kika finishes the sentence with “fat?” “ugly” “a nerd”. Mauricio agrees the she was uno little bit of every one of that and also "clingy." Kika states "Chiqui" prospered up, went on a diet, did ns lot of exercise. Now what he sees is the latest model; nothing like los pale zero she as soon as was. Mauricio looks she up y down and in astonishment. She simply smiles. Renée is at patria cutting fuera all of the Kika Braun info from the magazines she retrieved. She find one with Kika’s father and Mauricio’s father having actually an end of the year toast. She notices that Mauricio is never ever in any of the photos and finds that strange. She then starts reading an article fuera de loud about how Mr. Braun lastly left los rehabilitation clinic which the entered after the scandal the shook Miami high society. Mauricio feels so terrible about what that did to Kika in los past the he orders two more shots the tequila. Kika reminds that that the drinks are cost-free so that orders four shots. He no know how to apologize. He feels horrible. How can have he ever before behaved prefer that? Kika says ns Mauricio the she knew was super cool, súper fun y into having uno good time. Mauricio agrees yet it to be not ideal to take advantage of a poor overweight girl con braces. Poor Chiqui! he does not know exactly how Chiqui could have turned into her. She is uno “bon bon”. She acknowledges the fact and says that is not too poor either. He asks if she has bad feelings in the direction of him. She insists that she hold nothing versus him at all. To prove it come him, after they leave ns party, they room going come party with each other all night long. He claims there room not a lot of options in Mexico City. The is not prefer Madrid, los Vegas or nuevo York. She remarks that that is funny since she knows the city better 보다 he. Once she is regreso from los powder room, they will certainly leave. Mauricio check his phone and there is uno message from Anifer. That does not answer.Rafael is still with the kids feeding his rabbits. Samuel has actually come out to join in los fun. As he reaches for part carrots, Rafael bring away his wrist come look at uno bruise. Just at the moment, Jorge arrives from work and wants to understand what is going on. Jorge traction Samuel back y asks him and all that the niños if they space okay which simply prompts Rafael come ask Jorge if he is okay. Jorge states he is. Kika has actually left ns powder room and is on her way trasero to Mauricio once she runs right into Fabián. She lets him recognize it is too negative that he proved up for this reason late because she y Mauricio room leaving. That tells her to wait. If she assumed that he to be going to sit simply back y do nothing, she has one more thing coming. She suspects that he is going come tell Mauricio about their small fling. Fabián make it clear the it to be much much more that the for him. He is in love with her. She is driving him crazy. Well, she has ns boyfriend if she there is no made it clean before. Fabián insists the he is prepared to compete with Mauricio for her in despite the of ns fact the he is almost like a brother come him. Mauricio appears on the scene and is curious to what is walk on.Back in the cul-de-sac, Rafael has left ns children and is in the calle talking come Jorge. Samuel is there, too. Rafael educates Jorge that what they room doing is feeding ns rabbits. Jorge decides that feeding animals is okay but then launches into ns fact the he is ns lawyer y is informing him the he needs to stay away representar the niños including his son. Rodrigo has actually come fuera de to support his partner. Jorge states that he have the right to do miscellaneous legal. Rodrigo asks if he going come sue Rafael because that feeding ns rabbits. The goes top top to notify Jorge that if he no behave himself, the is walking to need to arrest him y take him down to the police terminal for the violent behavior he is exhibiting. Jorge insists that he is no being violent. Rodrigo speak Rafael that he is threatening them.At the party after some silly small talk, Fabián excuses self to go get ns drink but Mauricio will certainly not let him go without finding fuera what Fabián y Kiks were talk about. Fabián makes up uno lie to satisfy Mauricio. He y Kika were talk about los situation in ~ work. She is uncomfortable the Falcón is make making Mauricio such ns large loan y she walk not want to issue Mauricio for this reason she was talk to him. Kika claims that she simply does no trust Falcón. Mauricio tells her nobody does but that they require him. Mauricio leaves with Kika.The jugar in los cul-de-sac continues. Rafael can’t take any an ext of Jorge and goes regreso to the rabbits. Jorge informs Rodrigo the he is no going to allow him or his husband to teach your “gender” or their method of life come his son or to any type of of the children in los cul-de-sac. He just wanted to make it clear. That grabs Samuel by his bruised wrist together he go to command him away. Together Samuel cries fuera de in pain, Rodrigo speak him no to pains him. Jorge insists that he is no hurting his son. Rodrigo also has a message because that Jorge. He will not permit him to talk to that or Rafael favor he does. Uneven he wants to spend a night in los police station, he had far better respect them, prevent insulting them and stop threaten them today and forever. He wonders if Jorge"s little brain can get it: respect because that others is ns basis for peace. Ns kids questioning Rafael why Jorge is angry. Rafael says probably he does not prefer playing with animals. Rafael goes regreso to los confrontation and tells Jorge if los kids are so necessary to him, that shouldn"t argue in front of them. He also asks him no to offend them. Jorge says he isn’t. He simply wants castle to leave his household alone and stop gift gay. Hefinally simply leaves with Samuel. Now Rodrigo is pertained to about the bruises top top Samuel’s wrist. He y Rafael conclude the Jorge must have caused them.Renée is continuing her study on Kika and is on the internet. She finds fuera that Kika’s dad was uno share poseedor in Logatoys. Espalda at Jorge’s house, Samuel is asking why Jorge gained like he did as soon as all the Rafael to be doing was playing with ns kids y the rabbits. Jorge adds "and playing con who else? with homosexuals. Valentina speak him that los policeman y the vet are an excellent guys. He need to not exaggerate. Jorge lectures them the they are young y there are just some things that they are incapable of understanding. As their dad he needs to watch fuera de so that they room not exposed to bad influences. Valentina speak him no to gain angry however lately he has been really strange: an extremely nervous y not rather there. Samuel agrees that los only hora he speak to them is to yell at them y to scold them. Jorge states it is no true; that is simply that the has every one of this work, etc. . . Etc.. After going on and on, Jorge delivers the message the he is going come teach his children a lesson due to the fact that they do not deserve to proceed living in this cul-de-sac. Valentina just stares . . . If looks might kill. . .Flor has actually come home y is rubbing her worn down feet. She and Nerón space both complaining around how difficult they had actually to work for very little money in return. Renée stops on by. Renée asks Nerón if Mauricio’s dad and Kika’s dad knew each other. The takes him un while to remember Kika’s Dad. Renée speak him that his name was Arístides Blanco. That remembers him gift half extranjero half something else. He to be going to invest in uno branch of los company. The empresa was walk to go international.Does that remember what happened y why he didn’t invest? As far as that remembers, he obtained angry about something or something prefer that. Espalda then over there were ns lot that rumors around Logatoys. It to be not favor today with everything on los internet.Kika y Mauricio save drinking shots. She simply keeps bespeak more y sweets speak him right into drinking more. Castle leave and go to an additional place where uno drunk Mauricio i do not care the center of attention. They proceed their drunken wanderings to one more place complete con costumes. At yet another place, castle dance ns night away.Back at ns house, Anifer is wondering wherein Mauricio is as Renée puts she to bed. Renée says that perhaps he is working late or had uno meeting. She assures Anifer the her father is well. He is just really busy. Anifer is no afraid. Some tiempo her mommy would leaving her alone in ~ night. She adds the her mom told her that also though she was un woman, she can be just as brave as any kind of boy. Renée claims that her mother was right and that she own mother taught her exactly how to it is in strong y take care of things all by herself. Renée wishes the Anifer might have met her. ~ above her birthday she thought about her ns lot. When she to be a real little girl, her mother would awaken her con cake, sing “Las mañanitas” y give her uno big hug. Her mother constantly said she was she gift. Anifer’s mother said Anifer was she gift,too, and once put ns bow top top her cabeza at Christmas. Renée tells her it has been lover talking about their mothers yet now the is bedtime. She kisses her great night. Anifer asks Renée, together she leaves, if Mauricio is with Kika. Renée simply smiles and closes the door.In all of their drunken splendor, Kika and Mauricio are now outside and he has actually her over his shoulder twirling her about as he shouts “Long live Mexico!” “Long live the city!” and she is blow a juguete whistle. Renée calls Mauricio yet he is no answering any calls or taking any kind of messages. She calls the irresponsible.Kika and Mauricio room laid out on the pavement somewhere together he proclaims that he does not want to drink anymore. The is done. He needs to go. Kika isn’t. She desires to go on drinking but if not she has actually other ideas . . . They room both slurring their words. Castle both sit up. She needs that he tell her around Anifer’s mother.

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Before returning to los comfort of the pavement, Mauricio speak her the María is dead.