Peggy March - I Will Follow Him

This was originally a French song dubbed "Chariot" created by two famous French musicians, paul Mauriat and Frank Pourcel. Mauriat"s pseudonym is del Roma y Frank Pourcel"s is J.W. Stole top top this song.

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This was used in the 1992 comedy sister Act, with Whoopi Goldberg leading uno chorus of nuns. In march was busy traveling at ns time y didn"t know about los movie until a friend clued she in. Delaware she saw it - y loved it rápido she learned the filmmakers had actually tried to contact her. "The right human being didn"t understand where to get un hold that me, " she explained. "Not that they needed my permission rápido but me gustaría wouldn"t have minded play one of los nuns!"

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Michał from PolandThe historia of one songAnswering ns question do by Reg desde Kemptville, On"I will follow him" (originally "Chariot")The original version to be instrumental and was play by "Franck Pourcel and His Orchestra" in mil novecientos sesenta y uno (authors Franck Pourcel and Paul Mauriat).First instrumental cover in mil novecientos sesenta y uno by "The 4 Dreamers".The very first song come this music was sung by Petula Clark, y the song appeared on los album "Petula" in 1962. According to an additional version, ns first band was "Les Satellites" who played y sang this song (also in French) in 1961. Unfortunately, but me gustaría can"t verify it because that now, me gustaría need sources.The version we at this time know, popularized and sang in English by the fifteen-year-old "Little" Peggy march in in march 1963. Los authors that this version were Arthur Altman, Norman Gimbel, Jacques Plante, ese Roma, J.W. Table.Ricky Nelson recorded los song in may 1963.George representar Vancouver, CanadaHer voice is richer 보다 Sandy Posey"s version.Bernard from LavalAccording to Fr.Wikipedia the was clarke who released it 1st, in "62. Percy faith did an important version in "62. Ricky Nelson did ns vocal version.Barry desde Sauquoit, NyLuigi Creatore, who con his cousin hugo Peretti, produced hits for Sam Cooke, Perry Como, the Stylistics, "Little" Peggy March*, the Isley Brothers, and Jimmie Rogers, passed away of pneumonia ~ above Sunday December 13th, 2015 in Boca Raton, Florida at los age the 93... The two, along with george Weiss, additionally co-wrote Elvis Presley"s "Can"t help Falling In Love" y were co-owners at one tiempo of Roulette Records before founding Avco Records... May he R.I.P.?* that was the co-producer that "Little" Peggy March"s #1 document "I will Follow Him".Barry representar Sauquoit, NyOn April 24th 1963, small Peggy march performed "I will certainly Follow Him" on los NBC-TV program "The Perry como Show"...One month previously on in march 17th, 1963 it entered Billboard"s hot Top 100 at place #90...And ~ above the día she appeared on ns "Como" dando she had reached #1 two days previously on April 21st; los song stayed at #1 for tres weeks...On may 19th, mil novecientos sesenta y tres it got to #1 (for 1 week) on Billboard"s hot R&B Singles chart...The tune "If friend Wanna be Happy" by jimmy Soul prospered it in ~ #1 top top both the Top 100 chart and the R&B Singles chart...R.I.P. Mr. Qué (1912 rápido 2001) and Ms. March, born Margaret Annemarie Battavio, celebrated her 66th birthday last month on march 8th.Christopher representar Charlotte, NcThe an initial recording the this track was in mil novecientos sesenta y uno by Franck Pourcel y His grand Orchestra. It to be done as an instrumental recording(not even los original French Lyrics had actually been written yet) It appeared on his 1961 European release LP Amour Danse Et Violons No. 17. The first cover also an instrumental was by the Four Dreamers. Ns first vocal version by by ella Satellites with paul Mauriat"s Orchestra.Reg from Kemptville, OnWhich was released very first -- Petula Clark"s "Chariot" (in French) or "I will certainly Follow Him" in English by small Peggy March?Matthew desde Milford, Ma...Hello?Matthew desde Milford, MaThis song renders me think that Amy Rose desde the Sonic los Hedgehog series... Me gustaría think that the Sonic fans out there will understand what I"m talk about!Lester from New York City, NyGilda Radner (as Emily Litela) sang "I will certainly Swallow Him" on SNLTaja from Slov. Konjice, flor StatesWHERE CAN i GET notes ?FOR THIS SONG(I will FOLOW HIM)Lalah representar Wasilla, AkMadeline Kahn sang this song in uno SNL skit back in the 1970s, me gustaría think.Fyodor from Denver, CoA favorite of Church the Satan leader Anton LaVey.Howard representar St. Luigi Park, MnI remember hearing ns song in ns Whoopi Goldberg movie sister Act.see an ext comments
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