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TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked no Genres
no ArtistPink Floyd
12 September 1975
6 January 1975 - July 1975
no 4.30 / 5.00.5 desde 48,013 ratings no
#1 for 1975, #2 overall

melancholic, atmospheric, progressive, male vocals, principle album, introspective, serious, longing, meditative, bittersweet, alienation, epic, existential, complex, sentimental, melodic
piano, Hammond organ, arp solina cable ensemble, analog synthesizer, glass harp, backing vocals, Wurlitzer, writer
vocals, acoustic guitar, doce string acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, ice cream manipulation, scat singing, writer
electric guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals, analog synthesizer, glass harp, bass guitar, writer
piano, Hammond organ, arp solina cable ensemble, analog synthesizer, glass harp, backing vocals, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, writer

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Dark_Elf Aug 04 2010 no 5.00 stars
Floyd's 2nd best album, behind 'Dark página of ns Moon', simply because is it no as varied as 'Dark Side' y offers less distinction desde a musical perspective. That being said, 'Wish You to be Here' is un truly superb album, y the title track is probably my favorite Floyd tune. One cannot aid but emotion some kind of regret listening to the song. Los song 'Welcome to ns Machine' showcases Floyds technical prowess, creating un cyborg-like emotion of sterility y isolation that outdoes anything desde 'The Wall'. 'Have un Cigar' is un sly dig at los recording industry, y Roy Harper (best known not for his música career, but for appearing in ns title of 'Hats of to Roy Harper' top top Led Zep III) does ns wonderful turn in his singing function as un smarmy, kiss-ass record exec who knows around as lot of musical as he does about ns band ('The band is simply fantastic, the is really what me gustaría think -- oh, by the way, which one's Pink?). 'Shine top top You crazy Diamond' is one epic nueve part tribute come Syd Barrett, who actually showed up in estudio while they were recording the album, but was so drastically changed from the results of drug abuse y his subsequent mentmore illness, that los band at first did not identify him. The is fitting the 'Shine on' includes a funeral march in 4/4 time during part IX, because los band never saw Barrett again delaware that time period (Syd went into self-exile and lived in seclusion until his death in 2006).
Zitarrosa may 25 2010 5.00 stars

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Pink Floyd released more influential albums, yet never uno better one. Ns Dark junto a of los Moon is certainly their in history most important accomplishment, but los remarkable openning "Shine on You stunner Diamond" y the sweet song-title "Wish You to be Here" (as well "Comfortably Numb", from The Wall), represent ns pinnacle of Waters & Gilmour's melodic skills. No a individual bad tune here, all them unusually largo ("Have un Cigar", los shortest one, over cinco min. Long) and what might easily be boring, ended up being one of los greatest y more varied rock and roll albums.Pink Floyd's affect (defining steady Rock and inspiring many important artists, together Radiohead y David Bowie), sales afuera (7th peak selling musicians, in ns US) y undeniable top quality (3 albums rating cinco stars, according allmusic guide), makes just UNJUSTIFIED ns decision that ignoring them in the All Time cien albums list and Rolling rock magazine's 100 immortals list. Americano critics personal issues rotate them los most unfair underrated band, in professional ranks... The reason possibly is los distance their musical style took representar rooty bluesy/folky american Rock 'n' Roll, since americano reviewers' aversion come virtuosi Prog piedra is well amplio known.,,Fortunally, gastos generales here, ordinary música lovers placed dos of their albums in los rate your música top 10!