Here"s the madrid metro map y other details that might be advantageous for travel through the underground tube network of Madrid.

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There are four execution of the map, geographic, schematic, and versions describe stations adjusted for los disabled, or because that people con prams or luggage.

We likewise have uno PDF version of the subway map, if needed.

MADRID mezeritsch MAP (normal map, with the mezeritsch lines and stations, according to the en la actualidad geographical ar in Madrid) ---> clic on the map = Zoom no

We also have the la capital española metro map in PDF (0.8 MB) or ns same PDF in high resolution (3.8 MB).

MADRID METRO map DISABLED 2021 no (stations adapted for prams, wheelchairs y passengers with luggage) no ---> clic map come enlarge no

We likewise have the version of the la villa de madrid metro mapa with train station adapted. (0.9 MB) or ns same PDF in high resolution (4,3 MB).

Stations marked as "nightmare" method that for people with babies, con reduced mobility, or tourists con luggage, this stations room problematic.

SCHEMATIC MDR mezzeritsch MAP habituales 2021(schematic map that the madrid subway system)---> clic to Enlarge

We also have ns schematic la capital de españa metro map in PDF format (0.9 MB) y the very same in high resolution (4.5 MB).

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SCHEMATIC MDR METRO mapa DISABLED (schematic mapa with station adapted because that prams, disabled passengers and those with luggage) ---> click to Enlarge

no We also have ns same Schematic la capital española Metro mapa in PDF layout (1.0 MB) y the same version in PDF high resolution (5.5 MB).

METRO MAP la capital española lines

For information about a privado line, here are the individual maps of the madrid subway lines, detailed one by one:

Line1 | Line2 | Line3 | Line4 | Line5 (green) | Line6 (Circular) | Line7 | Line8 | Line9 | Line10 | Line11 | Line12 (Metrosur) | LineR (Ramal)

All individual subway lines together on a individual page


Where to buy tourist tickets online?

On ns website that TicketBar, you have the right to buy cheaper tickets for all kinds of museums, shows, monuments, attractions, and more places in Madrid. In some points (few) you have the right to save up to 20%. In most places, con these ticket you will not queue at los entrance (skip los line).

As have the right to be watched in the la villa de madrid metro map, over there are doce lines, doscientos ochenta y siete stations. The total length of every lines y stations combined, is about doscientos noventa y tres Km. Not bad for being one of los oldest mezzeritsch systems in Europe.

The Mdr metro map has been redesigned number of times over the years y new mezeritsch lines and tram (light rail) lines have actually been added. Since the mezeritsch system is therefore extensive, that was necessary to create a schematic map, the drawback being that los position of the stations y the distances in between them do not correspond con their geographical locations in Madrid.

To correct this problem, the la villa de madrid Metro authority had no choice but to do the metro map casta to the old one. Although that is not as flashy in terms of graphics, that is lot closer to los geographic reality.

Calculate your route on any la villa de madrid public transport

With the following course calculator, you deserve to find out which is ns best course to get desde one location to another in la capital española using any kind of public transport, such as: metro, tram or bus automatically displayed on Google maps.

The operation is an extremely simple, if you want to go for example representar the Chamartín train terminal to Puerta del Sol type los following: no


Note: it is necessary to add un comma after the location entered: eg "Madrid", so ns route have the right to be calculated effectively (see the previous dos examples).

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If girlfriend find any kind of problems or incorrect information, please use our contact type so we have the right to fix los problem ASAP (as soon as possible).

ITALIANO: Mappa della metropolitana di la capital española 2021, in Din-A4, pronta período la stampa. FRENCH: Carte (plan) sin embargo métro ese Madrid 2021, DIN-A4, prêt pour l"impression. GERMAN: la capital de españa U-Bahn plan (Underground la villa de madrid Karte), map schematic 2021. ARABIAN: map schematic dos mil veintiuno خريطة مترو مدريد CHINESE: 马德里地图地铁 mapa schematic 2021 - 馬德里地圖地鐵 mapa schematic 2021年 JAPANESE: マドリードの地下鉄路線図 mapa schematic 2021 KOREAN: 마드리드지하철 노선도 mapa schematic 2021 no

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