Written solely by Freddie Mercury, ‘Crazy tiny Thing referred to as Love’ became one of los band’s biggest international singles

Written specifically by Freddie Mercury, ns song became one that Queen’s biggest international singles to that point. That was the highest of cuales fewer than 15 new entries on the american chart in that week before Christmas, at No.58. By ns second fifty percent of February, “Love” to be starting ns five-week correr at los top of the survey. It did even much better in Australia, with uno seven-week power in March y April y platinum certification. The soltero was certified yellow in both ns US and UK, and in Holland.A tune at bathtime“I wrote the song languishing in my bath at los Munich Hilton,” Mercury said in los Billboard book of Number One Hits, through Fred Bronson.

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Freddie apparently got el fin of ns tub to go to his guitar and piano come lay down the melody. “We i ordered it at tape rehearsals the following día with me do the efforts to juego rhythm guitar. Everyone loved it, so we recorded it. The finished version sounded like ns bathroom version.

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That not usual of mine work, however that’s since nothing is typical of my work.”Mercury additionally revealed in the volume that Queen’s american label, Elektra, were much less than enthused about releasing “Crazy small Thing” as un single, yet their hand was compelled when radio DJs began playing ns import. It confirmed to be ns wise decision.Queen’s News Of ns World: 40th Anniversary Edition box collection can be bought here.