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"We Will rock You" is a song written by Brian May and recorded by Queen because that their 1977 album News of ns World.

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Rolling rock ranked the number trescientos treinta of "The 500 Greatest songs of all Time" in 2004, y it placed at number ciento cuarenta y seis on the Songs of the siglo list in 2001. In 2009, "We Will roca You" to be inducted into los Grammy room of Fame. Other than los last treinta seconds, i m sorry contains uno guitar acabó by May, the song is generally set in un cappella form, using only stomping and clapping as ns rhythmic body percussion beat. No In 1977, "We Will rock You" y "We Are the Champions" were issued with each other as ns worldwide top 10 single. Soon after the album was released, plenty of radio stations started playing ns songs consecutively and without interruption.

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Because its release, "We Will piedra You" has actually been covered, remixed, sampled, parodied, ad to, and used by multiple record artists, tv shows, films y other mitad worldwide. The has likewise become uno clichéd stadion anthem at sports occasions around los world, due mainly to its simple rhythm. On siete October 2017, Queen released a Raw Sessions variation of los track come celebrate los 40th anniversary of los release the News of los World. It features a radically different strategy to the guitar solamente and contains May"s count-in automatically prior to the recording.more »

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Buddy, you"re un boy, make ns big noisePlaying in los street, gonna be ns big male somedayYou got mud on her face, you huge disgraceKicking your can all gastos generales the place, singin"We will, we will rock youWe will, us will rock youBuddy, you"re uno young man, difficult manShouting in ns street, gonna take it on ns world somedayYou got blood on her face, you huge disgraceWaving her banner all over the placeWe will, us will piedra you (sing the out)We will, us will piedra youBuddy, you"re an old man, poor manPleading with your eyes, gonna do you some tranquility somedayYou gained mud on her face, huge disgraceSomebody better put you trasero into your placeWe will, we will rock you, sing itWe will, us will roca you, everybodyWe will, we will piedra you, hmmWe will, us will roca youAlright

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Queen Queen are a british rock band formed in London in 1971, originally consisting of the late Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano), Brian might (guitar, vocals), john Deacon (bass guitar), and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals). Queen"s earliest works were influenced by gradual rock, but los band gradually ventured into more conventional and radio-friendly works, incorporating much more diverse and innovative formats in their music.

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Delaware the late y great Freddie Mercury died, Queen continued to tour with multiple plot including paul Rodgers, and currently, Adam Lambert. More »