Rewrite ns Stars: diez Behind-The-Scenes truth Of ns Greatest Showman's Soundtrack friend Didn't Know los Greatest Showman features a widely-praised soundtrack, and here are diez behind-the-scenes facts about it which fans may not have known.

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The greatest Showman, the dos mil diecisiete musical certification an ensemble led by Hugh Jackman, presents a dramatized version of PT Barnum y his legend circus troupe. The film drew prayer for that acting, production design, and, perhaps many importantly, that music. The soundtrack has actually its fair share of above songs mainly sung by los cast members, written by Oscar-winning composers and songwriters Benj Pasek y Justin pablo (of La La Land fame).

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Additionally, ns film"s soundtrack was additionally remade as The biggest Showman Reimagined, uno compilation album consist of of ns film"s monitor reworked by tendency artists choose Kesha, Pink, Ty Dolla Sign, scare At ns Disco, and many more.

no no still representar the video for This Is Me no
los Reimagined Remix of ns film"s multiple award-nominated individual This Is Me featured vocals representar Kesha y Missy Elliot. That is accompanying vídeo proved to be a treat for entusiastas of the Netflix reality admitir Queer Eye.

The video features numero 3 students getting ns "much more than uno Makeover" suffer by ns cast members of Queer Eye together they prepare castle for ns school talent show. Every members of the show"s Fab 5 are featured, save for Karamo Brown.

9 Rebecca Ferguson never ever Sang In ns Film


It"s ironic to keep in mind that while Rebecca Ferguson dram real-life ópera songstress Jenny Lind. Ns so-called sweden Nightingale"s vocals stand el fin in ns song Never Enough. If Ferguson did song for her audition, americano singer Loren Allred provided los voice because that Lind in the final cut.

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Allred called Ferguson"s character, that is portrayed as los greatest ópera singer in the film. Some can recognize her vocals from The Voice, as Loren Allred made it to the top 20 in the singing show"s third season.

no Ryan Lewis on the Greatest Showman's soundtrack
The biggest Show is uno highly uplifting tune that opens the film, perfectly capturing ns rousing spirit of ns circus"s characters. When Pasek and Paul share creating credits like every song on the soundtrack, also producer y songwriter Ryan Lewis has furthermore penned the lyrics.

Lewis is mostly well-known for his collaborations with fellow Seattle-based rapper Macklemore, con whom that produced the Grammy-winning album The Heist.

7 many Of the Cast Has musical Experience


The biggest Showman was Hugh Jackman"s passion project, as the Australian emitir has been an avid pan of musicals. He started his musical career con a tv adaptation the Oklahoma in ns 1990s, following it increase with los character of Jean Valjean in Tom Hooper"s musical juego Les Miserables.

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The other actors members have similar musical experiences. Zac Efron broke el fin as un teen heartthrob, starring as the lead in the three High school Musical films, followed by ns supporting role in Hairspray. Keala Settle has had ns stellar musical theatre career, having starred in the musical versions of the aforementioned Les Miserables y Hairspray. Zendaya too has actually been a singer, having released singles because 2011, the latest gift Euphoria"s All for Us.

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In one interview, Pasek revealed the This Is Me was originally written desde the view of los dwarf Tom Thumb, instead of Lettie Lutz, los bearded lady. "It was sort of ns little, like, folk tune on the ukulele. A song around how we"re oddities y that"s that we are." paul added.

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The tune was climate sung through Lettie, once the musical duo wished come add a more anthemic feeling to ns song, come celebrate all oddities. They also knew Keala Settle from her Broadway background. "When we began to think about it, in her voice y what she voice is able to do, and also what she bring to ns table, simply who she is as a humano being and it started to really clic for us about what ns song might be," claims Pasek.

5 PT Barnum was Ahead of Its Time, simply Like ns Modern feel Of los Songs

also though The biggest Showman is set in the 19th century, its song evoke un more modern and electronic sound, quite than un conventional, aged ton that would certainly sound much more realistic for ns film"s era.

Part of the reason to be to admitir how Barnum was un man method ahead of his times, as have the right to be seen representar his long-running circus that likewise influenced plenty of other carnival attractions. In ns same interview as above, pablo stressed how PT Barnum was un "larger 보다 life figure," ns "Steve Jobs" y "Jay Z" that his time, so to speak.

Hugh Jackman has had several growth in his body due to skin cancer, the último being top top his sleep that gained surgically removed. Following surgery, he was advised not to immediately engage in tasks like to sing that would certainly put press on ns nose.

Jackman complied during un read-through for the film"s executive. However, through the last song (From now On), Jackman couldn"t resist, y his nose started bleeding halfway through ns song! the uploaded a recording of this top top his Instagram, with his caption, reading "did it anyway. Y after... Identificación ran espalda to get restitched. Worth it!!!"

3 This Is Me Was written On un Flight

Initially, each of Pasek and Paul"s songs were distinta pitches come the estudio executives and director nombre de niño Gracey. In honorable of 2015, castle were supposed to record un demo in los Angeles y send it within two days. With cuales time to waste, they carried a laptop y a midi-keyboard dentro de route. They finished up writing and figuring fuera de the simple composition that "This Is Me" throughout this flight.

As polo puts it himself in an interview con Variety, "it was a valuable five hours. Us wrote most of that on that flight."

In The greatest Showman Reimagined, Pink sang A Million Dreams, featuring vocals representar her 7-year-old daughter willow Sage Hart. In an beloved behind-the-scenes video, the Just offer Me a Reason hitmaker adjusts the mic for her child and helps she in mouthing a few lyrics. Pink"s previous stint con a película soundtrack was once she wrote y performed ns song "Just prefer Fire" for Alice Through ns Looking Glass.

1 los Album Had uno Stellar run On los Charts

ns original soundtrack the the película proved to be ns major moneymaker. Not just did The best Showman: Original ejercicio Picture Soundtrack became ns highest-selling album of dos mil dieciocho in the United States, it also became ns longest-running soundtrack in ~ number one in ns UK album charts after cincuenta years.

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In los UK charts, ns album likewise reigned at the top for 28 non-consecutive weeks. This made it los longest-reigning album of the decade, breaking los record set by Adele"s 21 that continued to be at number one for veintitres weeks.