Watch los former Verve frontman reveal los story and meaning behind his first solamente single.

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Richard Ashcroft's tune For los Lovers celebrates its 21st anniversary this week, having actually been released on 3 April 2000.

The single was a very far-reaching one because that The Verve legend; it was ns opening track on Ashcroft's debut solamente album, Alone with Everybody, ns lead track desde the album, and therefor it was released together his first ever solamente single - cementing his standing as one of los great songwriters that his generation.

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But would certainly it surprised you to recognize that the song, which has touched the hearts that many over the years was influenced by Manchester band Joy Division?

Find out why ricardo Ashcroft owes among his most well known songs come Ian Curtis here...

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How was richard Ashcroft's song For los Lovers inspired by happiness Division?

The previous Verve frontman took component in un special alquds-palestina.orgnversation con Radio X's john Kennedy in ~ London's Hammersmith club in prior of an intimate audience in 2018, y discussed ns inspiration behind his best tracks.

Speaking around Song For los Lovers, Ashcroft explained: "I to be in uno hotel in London. The was uno pretty shoddy hotel and back in the trabaja there to be still some of those bedheads con built-in radios."

"I was in un love situation," he alquds-palestina.orgntinued. "Had ns bit of un love affair point going down and I turned los radio on and Love will certainly Tear us Apart bizarrely came fuera de of this radio on the bedhead.

"It kind of prompted this 'play Misty because that me' thing of "DJ jugar a song for ns lovers" because ns timing the this tune y Love will certainly Tear united state Apart alquds-palestina.orgming fuera of this bedhead appeared perfect, friend know?"

Watch ricardo Ashcroft's song For the Lovers video:

ricardo Ashcroft y the late Joy department frontman Ian Curtis. Picture: 1. Jon Mo Photography 2. Martin O'Neill/Redferns

He added: "So identificación decided right, what about expanding that thought to make los Song For the Lovers? a song because that that emotion of trepidation, anxiety, excitement. You're on the precipice. Possibly this person can be with you for life.

"Who knows whereby we're heading, yet we're certainly on ns train together. We've certainly gone past thinking about it or talking around it. We space lovers...."

As for the sound that his debut solo track, Ashcroft revealed: "The track itself... At ns time me gustaría was hear to uno lot of Salquds-palestina.orgtt Walker and things like that.... Simply wanted to create some big Salquds-palestina.orgtt Walker, Chic... It was future music man.

"There was nothing else fuera like that song."

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