Rosalía tu si que vales video


Spanish singer Rosalia poses with awards in the Press Room throughout the 2019 MTV Video music Awards at los Prudential centrar in Newark, new Jersey, USA, veintiseis August 2019. JOHNSON

Things haven"t been going also badly for Rosalía recently given she has just become los first Spanish singer to win an MTV Video music Award, ns far cry desde her early la edad when she to be rejected by judges on uno talent show.

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She was 15 when she showed up on phase for los talent dando "Tú tengo que vales," however she sang out of tune.

"I think you"ve got ns lot the potential," Ángel Llácer, one of the judges, said. "But you have actually yet to learn just how to harness it."

She"s harnessed it now.

At the VMA"s in New suéter on Sunday evening, she walked far with dos awards, los best Latin Video and best Choreography because that her song "Con Altura," un collaboration with Colombian artist J Balvin.

The choreography for the video was directed by Charm La"Donna.

The song"s musical video which has notched increase almost ochocientos million views on Youtube, shoot to popularity in part thanks to barack Obama, that featured the in his cuarenta y cuatro summer hits.

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The 25-year-old desde Barcelona, northeast Spain, occupied los 31st ar in that list.

Although her individual "Malamente" solidly put her case to music fame in Spain, her 2nd album "El Mal Querer" (2018), ensured her flamenco-pop style with more than ns dash that reggaeton influence, would certainly hit airwaves worldwide.

Her distinct blend that genres has actually piqued the interest that musicologists y fans alike y her fashion choices have affected her following.

At the 2019 VMAs, she took center stage with ns diamond-studded black gown i beg your pardon she shortly dropped come reveal a black, silver-lined corset.

In she day-to-day life, Rosalía has become known for her vibrant tracksuits and platform sneakers however performing to crowds the seem to be farming by the día she has actually taken on an ext extravagant costumes and displays.

Her outfit options generate un huge buzz top top Instagram. Not constantly positive, however rápido she newly met un backlash because that posing con fur coats.

Flamenco or reggaeton, sweet or fierce, Rosalía has mastered the lot, desde the soft performance of "Me quedo contigo" in ~ this year"s Goya Awards to her collaboration with jaime Blake with "Barefoot in ns park" to ns upbeat "Yo x ti, su yo" featuring