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Sean Astin has demonstrated his innate capability to re-superstructure his love with the world with such iconic roles as Mikey Walsh in “The Goonies,” los title personality of “Rudy,” Samwise Gamgee in ns “Lord of ns Rings” trilogy, y Bob Newby in "Stranger things 2," duties that epitomize hope, determination y loyalty.

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With both his parents gift well-known, respect actors, it’s alguno surprise the Sean’s career, extending four years with over ciento sesenta acting credits, started at uno young age. The debuted in the mil novecientos ochenta y uno television movie “Please nothing Hit Me, Mom,” in which he played ns child con an abusive mother, illustrated by his real-life mother Patty Duke. Because that his first feature film, he portrayed Mikey in stephen Spielberg’s classic “The Goonies” (1985), quiet enthusiastically lovely by audiences today. The young performer appeared in several an ext films both because that TV y the large screen, garnering young Artist Awards for performances in “The Goonies,” “Staying Together” (1989) y as los lead character Billy Tepper in “Toy Soldiers” (1991). He successfully navigated the transition from child actor to young adult in together critically acclaimed films as “Memphis Belle” (1990) y “The pequeño Life” (1995).

Sean scored a career defining, triumphant success in los inspirational y universally applauded universidad football biopic “Rudy” (1993), about los life-changing struggles and rewards of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. To this day, Sean still identify with the role of los unlikely athlete identified to succeed in ~ achieving seemingly difficult goals.

Sean experienced another career breakthrough with his duty as los epitome of loyal sidekicks, Samwise Gamgee, in Peter Jackson’s “The lord of los Rings” trilogy, exit in 2001, dos mil dos and 2003. Along with los many awards bestowed upon ns trilogy (particularly its eventualmente installment "The return of the King"), Sean got nominations for his very own performance. That took casa the Saturn compensation for best Supporting Actor, y awards representar the los Vegas film Critics Society, los Seattle película Critics, the Utah film Critics Association, y the Phoenix película Critics Society. Together an ensemble, "The regresar of los King" cast received awards representar the National board of review of motion Pictures y the display screen Actors Guild. In 2004, Sean authored los NY tiempo best seller “There and Back Again: an Actor"s Tale,” chronicling his acting career con emphasis top top his experience filming "The señor of the Rings" trilogy.

In television, Sean has showed up in plenty of movies and series, consisting of multi-episodic operation in J. Nombre de niño Straczynski’s “Jeremiah” (2003-2004) in which he played the enigmatic mr Smith, the extendido thriller “24” (2006), and Guillermo después Toro’s “The Strain” (2014-2015) ~ above FX. That joined the award winning cast of the engrossing and critically acclaimed Netflix series "Stranger Things" (2017-2019) as los beloved Radio Shack manager, beto Newby. In 2019, he guest starred in numero 3 episodes that the por último season the "The huge Bang Theory" and an episode of "Brooklyn ripe Nine" and two that "Supergirl (2019-2020)." Sean starred with Melissa Joan hart in Netflix"s multi-camera family dramedy "No good Nick" (2019).

Sean"s recent function films incorporate “The Lears” (2019), ns sophisticated ensemble comedy (with Bruce Dern, anthony Michael Hall, Aly Michalka, Nic Bishop y Victoria Smurfit) the updates Shakespeare"s king Lear; los English-language adaptation of los Chilean película "Gloria Bell" (2019) starring Julianne Moore from Oscar winning directivo Sebastián Lelio; award winning thriller "Adverse" (2020) con Mickey Rourke and Ian tabla de cortar Nicholas; y the family comedy "Hero Mode" (2021) con Mira Sorvino y Mary Lynn Rajskub. Upcoming movies include "Charming los Hearts that Men" with Kelsey Grammar y Anna Friel; "iMordecai", with Judd Hirsch y Carol Kane; and "Man y Witch" con Christopher Lloyd, michael Emerson y Tami Stronach.

His voice is also familia to many. That narrated numero 3 seasons of los beloved fauna Planet serie “Meerkat Manor” (2006-2007), y voiced the title personalities in los animated Disney Channel serie “Special agent Oso” (2009-2012) and the animated feature película “Ribbit” (2014). The was ns voice of Raphael in Nickelodeon’s popular “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (2012-2017). The voiced ns paranoid Siamese cat Chester in "Bunnicula" (2016-2018), uno based ~ above children"s publications by james Howe; y is los Narrator because that "The Epic tales of Captain Underpants" (2018-2020) top top Netflix, based on ns Dav Pilkey"s children"s books. The reprised his function as Shazam from the animated TV series "Justice league Action" (2016-2020) to take los lead in los full-length attribute film, "LEGO DC: Shazam - Magic & Monsters" (2020). Sean recently provided los narration because that audiobook execution of F. Scott Fitzgerald"s "The good Gatsby" (2021) and Max Brooks" "Minecraft: los Mountain (2021). He deserve to be heard in uno plethora of various other animated shows, videos games, audio dramas y narrations.

After four years of captured performances, Sean ventured in former of a live theater audience, first as joseph Stalin in un theatrical presentation the "Shostakovich and the black Monk: uno Fantasy" (2018-2019) that included ns Emerson cable Quartet, and then together Dr. Moricet in the american premiere the "Bang! Bang!" (2018), john Cleese"s adaptation of uno 19th century French farce. Both productions to be directed by jaime Gossman.

Sean is also comfortable behind the camera, directing episodic TV y serving together producer on numerous films. That directed and co-produced with his mam Christine los short película “Kangaroo Court,” nominated for an Academy compensation for ideal Live action Short film in 1995. While functioning on “The lord of ns Rings,” Sean make “The Long y Short that It.” The película premiered at the 2003 Sundance film Festival y appears on the DVD because that “The lord of the Rings: los Two Towers,” follow me with a making-of video. He narrated and executive produced los documentary “Remember los Sultana” (2018), about los worst naval disaster in united state history.

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Sean has actually been un long-distance runner since his teens. His marathons incorporate the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, wherein he had actually the al honor of official starting the race, the 2015 Boston Marathon as ns member the charity fundraising team MR8, y the nuevo York city Marathon in 2016. He has done numerous fifty percent marathons y countless 5Ks, 10Ks, and races of other distances. He successfully completed the Ironman World campeonato Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, in October 2015; ns grueling occasion consisted of ns 2.4 milla open s swim, a 112 mile bike race and uno 26.2 mile marathon.

In 2012, if training for ns LA Marathon, the began un Twitter project using #Run3rd, a way to dedicate his runs to causes and ideas the mattered not just to him, however to others. The principle of #Run3rd is the Sean runs very first for himself, since corriendo is ultimately ns solitary act, second for his ever-patient and supportive family, y third for others. #Run3rd has grown to include ns team of runners, walkers, and others that dedicate their activities to los causes the others. A $25,000 grant representar the Ironman structure has allowed ns charity to fund delaware school running programs for children in underserved school districts. More information on #Run3rd, including sponsored 5Ks, is easily accessible at

Sean has actually served on the tablero of numerous non-profit organizations, including the Creative Coalition, National center for household Literacy, der Angeles valley College"s Patrons Association and Arts Council, y Run3rd Alliance. That is ns vocal advocate on many problems including climate activism, literacy, mental health awareness and civic engagement. Delaware the happen of his mommy in march 2016, Sean began fundraising to create a foundation to carry on her life"s work as an support for mentorore health, ns Patty duke Mental health Project. He commonly lectures ~ above reducing los stigma of mental health issues. In 2018, he to be awarded the Turn for tranquility award by the Anasazi Foundation.

In 2015, that began the “Sean Reads Aloud” project, un patronage-based series of readings, initially of publicly domain works such together children’s stories, poems and classic novels. Funds elevated were donated to the Sean and Christine Astin Scholarship Fund. Readings are accessible on Youtube.

Sean has been proactively engaged in ns political world since at an early stage in his life. He served in dos non-partisan Presidential appointments. In 1995, under President bill Clinton, he became uno Civilian Aide to los Secretary of ns Army, offer for 10 years under six secretaries in two administrations. He was appointed by President george W. Bush to his council on Service and Civic Participation, whose mission was to promote un culture that volunteerism and civic engagement. That campaigned for presidential candidates john Kerry in 2004, and Hillary Clinton in dos mil ocho and 2016. He likewise served together campaign gerente for his friend, dan Adler, in un special choice for California’s 36th conference district gyeongju in 2011.


In 2012, Sean founded a political podcast focussing on los need to foster cortés discourse in the país conversation. The show, whimsically called “Vox Populi: Voice of ns ‘Occasionally’ Interested People” recorded over thirty episodes in its an initial season. Delaware a successful Kickstarter campaign in autumn 2013, a second season aired in 2014. More information deserve to be uncovered at and episodes are archived at

Sean is the estaban of Academy and multiple-Emmy Award winning actress Anna "Patty Duke" Pearce and acclaimed actor John Astin; his brother Mackenzie Astin enjoys un thriving moverse picture and television career. Rounding fuera the acting family, eldest daughter Ali has actually worked con her father on numero 3 films; she graduated representar Harvard university in 2019 with uno BA in Theater, Dance and Media.

Sean attend the crossroads High institution for ns Arts and later a master course at los Stella Adler Conservatory in los Angeles. That graduated representar UCLA in 1997 with uno B.A. In History and English (American literature and culture). Sean is at this time working ~ above an online Master"s degree in windy Administration and Policy at americano University.

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Sean married Christine Harrell ~ above July 11, 1992. They have tres daughters: Alexandra "Ali" (born November 27, 1996), Elizabeth (born agosto 6, 2002), and Isabella "Bella" (born July 22, 2005), every with ns middle name Louise.


Marathon and triathlon times

March 29, 1998 Los Angeles Marathon 4:04:42March 21, 2010 Los Angeles Marathon 5:16:12March 18, dos mil doce Los Angeles Marathon 4:25:47March 17, 2013 Los Angeles Marathon 4:42:31June 16, dos mil trece San Francisco Marathon 5:03:53October 13, 2013 Chicago Marathon 4:31:05October 26, dos mil catorce Marine Corps Marathon 4:30:56November 16, 2014 Las Vegas rock N roll Marathon 5:03:53January 11, 2015 Walt Disney mundo Marathon 4:55:21April 20, dos mil quince Boston Marathon 4:49:53July 12, dos mil quince Vineman 70.3 Triathlon swim 42:10; bike 3:25:51; correr 2:54:43; totalmente 7:25:19October 10, dos mil quince Ironman Kona World championship Triathlon. Swimming 1:45:00, T1 9:21, cycle 7:11:56, T2 17:52, operación 6:06:22, enteramente 15:30:31.October 9, 2016 Portland Marathon 5:55:56November 6, dos mil dieciséis New York city Marathon 6:02:33