Selena Gomez Los Magos De Waverly Place

When she was just ns teenager, Selena Gomez obtained attention together both an emitir and singer because that her work-related on los Disney Channel. Starring in Wizards that Waverly Place and making musical with Selena Gomez & ns Scene deserve her worldwide fame. Here’s why she’s thankful for the show, also though it came with ns downside.

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Selena Gomez became famous because that ‘Wizards that Waverly Place’


Selena Gomez stars as Alex Russo on Disney Channel’s ‘Wizards the Waverly Place.’ | Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel via Getty Images

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Gomez broke fuera as the star of ns Disney Channel seriesWizards the Waverly Placein 2007. She starred as Alex Russo, the middle child of uno pair of nuevo York sandwich shop owners. However there was an ext to los family 보다 meets ns eye — Alex competed against her brother to view who would take ownership of their magic powers.

Wizards the Waverly Place ran for 4 seasons on the network. Gomez was just 13 when she to be in the series, and catorce when she moved to los Angeles desde Texas to begin filming the first season. When the serie came to an end in 2012, Gomez was 19 and an around the world recognized música pop star.

She states she began acting since of her mom

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In uno September 2020 Allure cover story, Gomez described that she to be “fascinated by” she mother’s involvement in theater, leading she to think about it as a profession desde a young age. “I was an just child, and very, very dramatic — which identificación still to be to this day.” She continued, “I just loved performing.”

“I think it was just something i felt like me gustaría was born come do,” Gomez continued of acting. “My mother let me dress myself for ns auditions. Me gustaría learned the lines by myself.” She was just ocho years viejo when she auditioned forBarney & Friends, which became her first t.v. Role.

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Gomez credits los Disney Channel con shaping she career

While Barney was a good start, Wizards that Waverly Place and her involvement con Disney released Gomez’s acting y singing careers. “I was incredibly blessed to get picked el fin of Texas and chosen to become un part that one of ns biggest machines in los world — it to be my high school,” she said.

And like regalo high school, Gomez’s hora with los network provided her los tools she essential to proceed in show business. “I think ns female personalities on Disney Channel have un lot of strength,” she continued. “And mine comedic timing, mine improv skills, everything i experienced make me un better actress.”

Why she didn’t gain what come along with it

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After Wizards of Waverly Place ended, Gomez preserved “trucking on” (as she described it) in Hollywood, appearing in such films as The Fundamentals of Caring and The Dead Don’t Die. But the level that fame that came con her Disney Channel popularity was a lot for uno young estrella to transacción with.

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“My empleado life was el fin everywhere,” claimed Gomez. “It felt very claustrophobic y just…I felt really trapped.” Today, she deals with that by maintaining some distance representar internet gossip. “I’m solid in uno lot of ways, but i think identificación just have method too lot of a sensitive heart,” she said of delving also deep right into that world.