Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

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Cj representar Orange CountySomething bugged me around this song because release. Me gustaría take issue con the sol coming up gastos generales Santa Monica boulevard. Representar which bar have the right to you check out sunrise gastos generales smblvd? believed this when standing in ns alleyway the one of los research bars.Luke Lee desde London, UkI remember so late "94. Me gustaría first heard this tune on the radio. Talk about earworm! i think me gustaría drove my mates ns bit nuts because identificación couldn"t prevent singing it. And this was when identificación was into los likes the Megadeth and Pantera. Bill from Sacramento, CaThe city "fun" by Wyn Cooper is based upon his emplea relationship with the character in Crow"s song. That"s right, "Billy, mac or Buddy" to be a verdadero person. Factura Ripley is called ns "most i can not qualify muse" by one more friend that his (and Wyn"s). His signature line was "All i want execute do is have ns little funny before i die." the poem "Fun" was written after Wyn y Bill Ripley had actually spent an afternoon together in un Utah bar. However it"s really around Bill and the type of person he was. When you think around it, it really changes ns meaning once you consider "Fun" was created by uno man by one more man, y not a rather sultry beauty choose Sheryl Crow. But me gustaría would offer David Rothman"s explanation un good read, and some good thought. It will certainly bring a whole nuevo meaning to this song. Uncover it here: By ns way, Wyn does obtain royalties and has obtained enough, apparently, come retire.Earl from Carlisle, PaI to buy TNMC when it an initial came fuera for los song run Baby Run. Identificación totally hated All identificación Wanna perform at first. Identificación could never acquire passed ns "this ain"t cuales disco" line. About ns year later, during one the my day-to-day hour y a half commutes come work, this track came on. The was one of those "where have me gustaría heard this tune before?" moments. When i got casa I dug fuera that year viejo CD and was surprised to discover it was the "crappy disco" song identificación hated so much. Needless to say, it flourished on me and is currently one of los most played songs on my IPOD. An excellent times, great oldies.John from estos días Worth, TxI psychic when identificación first heard this track while driving to work one day ca mil novecientos noventa y tres or 1994 (today"s day is Oct. 23, "07). Come me, it had actually such uno "70s sound and I loved it. Identificación thought it had to be representar that earlier era. I made a mental note come learn more about it and I was an extremely surprised to find out that it had actually been only recently recorded. Me gustaría didn"t hear it again until a short hora later when me gustaría listened to un "dance music" tape y the song had actually been sped up, enhanced, etc. I still loved it despite all that y I was determined to hear ns original, non-enhanced variation again. To this day, me gustaría love the song y Sheryl crow for having provided me together an far-reaching memory for my life experiences.John Martin, 46 Dave representar Cardiff, WalesAmy Studt scored uno UK hit in dos mil cuatro with uno cover version of this songJo-c representar Lima, PeruGreat on slide guitar!Jo representar Newcastle, AustraliaMatt"s connect don"t work. This one does though, and yeah, she has actually "borrowed" the poet"s words... Did he get any type of royalties or songwriting credit transaction for this?Dee from Salt lago City, UtMs. Crow owes a huge debt of gratitude to Kevin Gilbert, she erstwhile friend shortly before she shot come fame. The was ns best dead artist you never ever heard of, but un brilliant musical genius just ns same. Identificación believe he produced ns great component of her break-out album. And as con great an innovative genius input which is alguna longer available to the artist, cuales brilliant follow-ups have actually emerged representar Ms. Crow. Check out Kevin Gilbert"s groups, juguete Matinee, Giraffe. His rock ópera is an absolute genius record that never got los recognition or fame that deserved!Scott representar St. Louis, MoThis song is like ns 90"s "Piano Man." pardon me if this comment is "apropos the nothing."Matt representar Beverly Hills, CaThe lyrics for ns song are carefully based on los poem "Fun" by Wyn Cooper (available in ~ Crow had created the music for los song but was dissatisfied with los accompanying lyrics. Her producer bought she ten random publications of poetry y Crow adjusted "Fun" to accompany los music. Cooper is detailed as a co-writer y receives royalties desde the song.see more comments
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