Sofia Reyes 1, 2, 3

The 22-year-old has uno rush the emotions once describing ns infectious nuevo track and told Celeb keys all about los writing and recording process.

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byJuliet SchroderFebruary 28, 2018, 11:04 AM


With gastos generales seven million streams ~ above Spotify in less than two weeks that its release, Sofia Reyes‘ “1, 2, 3” is the catchy, new tune you require on your playlist ASAP.

The upbeat monitor is ns breath that fresh air when it pertains to diversity, as it functions English and Spanish lyrics con pop, Latin, y urban vibes desde Sofia, americano superstar Jason Derulo, and Puerto Rican rapper De La Ghetto.

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“I wrote los song about uno year y a fifty percent ago y have been waiting a largo time to release it,” los 22-year-old told united state about the track. “There’s simply so many different emotions as soon as thinking about it — ns so excited, anxious, happy, y proud of “1, 2, 3.” i really believe in it, and I want world to hear it, watch what they think about it y how they feel around it.”

She continued, “Also, ns chance to have actually this feature with Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto – that huge! me gustaría literally wake up every morning and can’t believe this is happening. I really don’t know what’s walking on. I’m so for this reason so excited and so proud of ns whole team because that this large accomplishment.”

In between uno crazy schedule that meetings, interviews, y fashion shows in new York City, Sofia took los time to fulfill up with Celeb Secrets to speak about ns entire procedure behind “1, 2, 3,” her distinctive sense that style, and singing in both English y her native language Spanish.

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Celeb Secrets: can you call us about your música journey and how you got to wherein you space today?

Sofia Reyes: “I’m from Monterrey, Mexico. Identificación moved come LA what me gustaría was 17; I’m veintidos now, so it’s been 5 years. I’ve been singing since identificación was 8/9 years old but when i was 12, identificación got to walk to a verdadero studio and have ns opportunity to record initial songs. Delaware that, identificación did castings for televisión shows and then identificación moved to Guadalupe, Mexico for ns girl band, went back to Monterrey and then to der Angeles. Me gustaría moved con my managers to LA and decided to take los risk y follow our dreams. We started an elevation label y released uno couple of songs on YouTube – initial songs, at very first in English and then partnered up with Warner Latina and released my very first single.”

That’s therefore amazing. Did friend face any kind of challenges by making the jump from Monterrey to ese Angeles? 

“At first, world were questioning why i was singing in English because I’m Mexican, yet honestly, i think everyone has actually been reaction in a really positive way! identificación consider myself very lucky.”

How is it comes to ns US and having world listen to her music?

“It’s crazy! Actually, carlos (my manager) just showed me a foto of his friend in porcelana who was listening come my song “How to Love” on the radio. That’s just so cool! and I acquired to do “How to Love” with Cash Cash último year at ns club and people knew it desde the beginning to the end. It was so lot fun! un different experience for sure, y I really hope this next song is going to perform well. Me gustaría feel favor it will and that’s why I’m yes, really excited/anxious about it.”

Tell united state about ns song!

“So ns name of los song is “1, dos ,3” (uno, dos, tres) and I’m very, very excited because i wrote los song like un year y a fifty percent ago and have been waiting a long time to relax it. There’s simply so plenty of different emotions when thinking around it — I’m just so excited, anxious, happy, y proud of “1, 2, 3.” i just really believe in it, and I want world to finally hear it, view what lock think about it and how castle feel around it. Also, los chance to have actually this feature con Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto – that huge! identificación literally despierta up every morning y can’t believe this is happening. Identificación really don’t know what’s walk on. Ns so therefore so excited and so proud of ns whole team because that this large accomplishment.”

Wow. The sounds choose you are supervisor passionate about this record. Deserve to you give us an within look as to how “1, 2, 3” to be written, recorded, and how ns features with Jason and De La Ghetto come about?

“Originally los song was composed in Spanish – like fully in Spanish – y I created it with a couple that friends, consisting of my ideal friend. Thinking about where los song started, identificación always get ns little emotional and excited for myself because y when us wrote los song, it wasn’t even for me. We just wrote los song for fun y then ns song went with an English version. Mine manager blanco was part of the session as well and we went through so many different execution — Spanish, English, and a tiny bit of both. Me gustaría remember a couple of month ago, carlos saying “I desire Jason Derulo top top this song.” i was like “I execute too! yet is that possible?” He’s prefer “yeah, we’re walk to make it” y then main later, he said Jason heard the song, love it and wanted to cut some vocals. Later, we made decision we wanted a Latin rapper on the track too, as we assumed it would lug strength to los song. We made decision to walk with de La Ghetto y I’m so happy we did. Identificación met ese La Ghetto in monterey at a donar we both had and he’s ns best; me gustaría love him. We shot los video un month ago y it to be so lot fun shooting with them — lock amazing! i’m so happy castle featured top top this song, but ns important point is that they’re excited because that it. They’re favor “let’s perform this, that going to be ns best, we’re going to so much to do this song so big.” castle team players and that’s amazing.”

You discussed cutting lot of versions the “1, 2, 3” in different languages. Execute you choose singing in Spanish or English?

“It’s such un hard concern to answer, but identificación like to sing in both. Obviously, Spanish is my an initial language and easier because that me to communicate, but i love both and writing in both. Somehow, it’s simpler for me to compose in English.”

Do you have anything rather planned for ns year?

Aside from promoting “1, 2, 3,” i’m going to be releasing one more song. It’s no my soltero but it’s featuring. I can’t say ns lot around it yet, but me gustaría want this year to be one where i release un lot the music. Ns doing a lot the sessions, planning shows, performances.”

You’re very extendido on social media! girlfriend have practically half a million followers con an on-point feed. How do you get ns perfect Instagram picture?

“I’ve constantly been very intense with that. I downloaded this app where identificación put my pictures in order before identificación post them. Of course, if us take ns picture and I love it, ok just blog post it. However sometimes me gustaría just spend hours like before me gustaría got come sleep being favor “should me gustaría post this?” me gustaría really waste time on that!”

You’re very stylish together well! just how would you describir your style?

“That’s un good question! i feel like every one of us keep transforming style. I think that happens to all of us y you look at at a picture from like year ago y you go “what was i thinking?” identificación would to speak Tomboy-ish and identificación love trying nuevo stuff!”

Do girlfriend have a favorite item that you favor to incorporate into your outfits?

“Rings! Every day. When i forget my rings because I’m late or whatever, i feel naked. Jewelry in general! identificación love rings, identificación love necklaces. Somehow un month ago identificación started put on necklaces y now identificación have therefore many. Me gustaría have phases! y I love shoes.”

Since we are Celeb keys – what is a secret people would certainly not know about you?

“There’s an old woman within of me! together in, identificación always desire to be in my bed, PJs, Netflix, or prefer read or whatever. Identificación just want to be in mine bed y wearing masks. Me gustaría don’t recognize if world think I’m constantly partying or whatever, but me gustaría just choose want to be in my bed.”