Sweet dreams are made of this

In the new York times October 30, 2007, Annie Lennox recalled the this was written by the duo just after they"d had uno bitter fight. I thought it was the end of los road y that to be that, she said. We were trying to write, y I was miserable. And he just went, well, "I"ll carry out this anyway." Dave Stewart came up with a beat, Annie Lennox improvised los synthesizer riff, and suddenly they establish they had uno potential hit.

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This was originally a hit in Europe in 1982. Un year later con the advent of MTV the reached ns #1 clues in the US, offering Eurythmics their only US graph topper.
The song ends with un keyboard fade out, however when Eurythmics play it live, they changed los arrangement y ended the song with ns lyrics "Keep your cabeza up" so it would fin with ns sense the hope.
Hands up those of you that think Annie Lennox sings here: "Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am i to disagree?" Relax, it"s not simply you. This tune"s text came optimal of a 2013 Spotify poll come find fuera de which songs music fans most generally hear world singing incorrectly.
This was disputed in the dos mil trece romantic comedy me gustaría Give It uno Year delaware Rose Byrne"s personality angers she husband through flubbing ns lyrics. She sings, "I travel los world in share jeans," instead of, "I travel los world y the 7 seas."

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Daniel S desde DallasPfft. Cheese, l don’t think so. Ns world is rotate upside down right now. Annie plainly sings, “Sweet desires are made of these”, which just happens come rhyme with seas. Besides, desires is plural, this is additionally plural. Seventhmist desde 7th HeavenSome the my dreams are made of cheese, as largo as ns cheese on un pizza.George representar Vancouver, CanadaThis track summarized:Imagine friend are uno whore. . .A dominiatrix, to it is in exact, or perhaps you"re a john visiting ns dominatrix. . .Refrain:Some that them want to usar youSome that them want to acquire used by youSome of them desire to abuse youSome of them want to be abused.Jim desde Dayton, OhYou could see something "deeper" in the inclusion of ns cow. However, identificación think Dave Stewart was bringing some levity to ns screen as whole by poking ns little absurdest fun at los stark seriousness of ns video.Brent from Hobart, AustraliaA standard example of no believing what you read. The truth around this classic song has actually been largo misinterpreted because that nearly 30 years. I was a manager for ns band on the Sunshine coast in Queensland, Australia in mil novecientos noventa with a drummer in the named carga Toomey ( that played in ns band "The Tourists" along con Dave Stewart y Annie Lennox before they formed ns latter "The Eurythmics"). Carga was asked to join the Eurythmics when ns Tourists folded. Dave Stewart wrote los song with some imput representar Annie in Jims honour delaware he declined the offer to join los band having remained in numerous other bands over many años prior and was tired of all the constant travel, getting ripped off y burnt by managers and record carriers alike. Jim and Dave had a very solid bond together as soon as they were in the Tourists and loved each other like brothers. It has nothing at all to do con BDSM. It"s all about Jim. Fact.Wohuman Paz representar Chicago, IlThis is an great song con an awesome instrumental. Because that me the exposes ns timeless reality of human existance in los most simplest, basic y natural form. Its ns song about what motivates world as people all gastos generales the world are looking for something representar somebody. Me gustaría am glad the Eurythmics added ns part about "keep your cabeza up, moving on" cuz it would otherwise be uno depressing song. Identificación interpete los cows in ns video to be a representation of mans animal nature and in alot of methods we are no different than cattle. That is why ns crowd of human being is presented in one clip in the vid. Does anybody recognize what publication is in los video? Thanks. Budoshi representar Sandnessjøen, NorwayIt"s ns great song, has actually really stand the test of time:D identificación love the as lot right currently as identificación did way espalda when me gustaría first heard the in ns 80"sMonique representar Cleveland, OhThis to be also los theme tune of one 80"s tv movie"Making of un male model" that Starred Joan Collins and the john Eric Hexam,he passed away not long delaware filming.Adrian desde Johor Bahru, MalaysiaI constantly listen come this song whenever me gustaría am making new friends as ns song is kind of an advice on los types of human being we meet in our daily lives.Naomi desde Philadelphia, PaI love this song, constantly have!!!!! :)Kane desde Wytheville, Vathe song was additionally on everybody hates chrisand nas"s variation is los coolest that calls it calle dreams!!Tiffany representar Little Rock, ArThis is one of ns songs the defined the 80s! new Wave música pop blew increase disco y this tune was one of ns powderkegs involved! IMO, Annie Lennox is a musical powerhouse and deserves her standing as a hermano soulful icon up over there with señor Elton y George Michael.Tony representar Chicago, IlThis tune is hypnotic!! it"s incredibl;y good, also for synth-pop!!!!!!! real cool videoChris from Charleston, ScThe key bass riff is desde a Roland SH-101 synthesizer.Jason from New York, NyLater inappropriately matched up to the opening credits the "The Apprentice: marta Stewart".Shana desde Detroit rock City, CanadaThis song is on ns Simpsons, wehn Artie Ziff come back y tries to "woo" Marge. This track is offered at ns very end, con Artie"s very own lyrics substituted in..." identificación am watching friend through un camera!"Andy desde Arlington, Va#356 on rojo Stone"s Top 500 songsRick desde Humboldt, Iawow eurythmics are quite freaky. Me gustaría hate hearing ns song missionary man since it constantly freaks me outsee an ext comments
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