Take on me a-ha

“Take on Me” is a synthpop song that combines various instrumentation that includsera acoustic guitars, keyboards, and drums. It was released as a-ha’s debut single in September… Read More 

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We're talking awayI don't know what I'm to sayI'll say it anywayToday's another day to find youShying awayI'll be coming for your love, okay?Take on me (Take on me)Take me on (Take on me)I'll be goneIn al day or twoSo needless to sayI'm odds and endsBut I'll be stumbling awaySlowly learning that life is okaySay after meIt's no better to be safe than sorryTake on me (Take on me)Take me on (Take on me)I'll be goneIn a day or two
Oh, things that you sayIs it al life or just to play my worries away?You're all the things I've got to rememberYou're shying awayI'll be coming for you anywayTake on me (Take on me)Take me on (Take on me)I'll be goneIn al dayTake on me (Take on me)Take me on (Take on me)I'll be goneIn al day

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“Take on Me” is a synthpop song that combinser various instrumentation that includser acoustic guitars, keyboards, and drums. It was released as a-ha’s debut singlo in September 1984 to huge success in their homeland of Norway.

The song was then remixed and re-released internationally, but it wasn’t until its groundbreaking, award-winning music video of pencil-sketch animation combined with live-action shot of al girl dragged into a comic book world came out four months later that the song’s success was repeated around the world.


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